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Three things about Olympus legal dictation to take away from this article:

  • Olympus legal dictation will make your firm more efficient.
  • Speed up the turnaround times of your legal documents.
  • Send your dictations to your colleagues/secretary within seconds.
  • Help you to keep on top of deadlines by categorising your jobs.

Your Pain Points

We know that solicitors and other legal professionals work extremely hard.

We also know the challenges you face:

  • The poor quality of analogue tapes is frustrating.
  • You hate spending time typing manually.
  • The turnaround time of your legal documents isn’t as quick as it should be.
  • Your secretary isn’t working as efficiently as she could be because she has to wait for the physical delivery of your tapes.
  • There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, there is a smarter and more efficient way of working, check it out…

Blonde woman in a pink blouse sits as a desk. She is sitting in front of a laptop, holding an Olympus Dictaphone and smiling at the camera.

Olympus Legal Dictation Software

Sadly for you guys, your line of work involves a lot of documentation.

From attendance notes and contracts to lengthy contracts and reports, you’ve got a lot to get through.

Let’s face it, you want something that helps you to get everything done, but quickly, right?

The Olympus Dictation Management System is software that helps you to do exactly that.

All you have to do is record your desired information using a voice recorder, microphone or smartphone app and click send.

Your dictation will then be sent to your secretary/typist instantly.

All they need to do is type it up and you’re good to go!

“The tapes were worn out and my secretary often could hardly hear what I was saying, now she keeps saying how easy it is for her to hear my dictation, now crystal clear.”

Scott – Consultant Plastic Surgeon

If you’d like to fix those pain points and work more efficiently and productively, we can help.

We’re offering a free consultation and remote demonstration of the software.

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