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Olympus Dictation Software (ODMS)

Olympus Dictation

Make your business more efficient with Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS).

VoicePower is proud to supply Olympus Dictation Software: A digital dictation solution that helps businesses turn dictation into written text.

Hence facilitating a more productive, time and cost-effective business.

Professionals can say goodbye to analog tapes and dictate their notes with ease with a voice recorder such as the DS 9000 or a hand-held microphone, such as the RecMic.

Above all, ODMS helps companies manage their workflow and improve their service. 

Key features of ODMS include:

  • 256-bit AES encryption – Your dictations are secure prior to, during and following transit.
  • Adaptable audio player – This newly designed recorder has a clear overview of your desktop.
  • Status updates – Keep track of your dictations and monitor their progress.
  • Prioritise jobs – Select important dictations to be completed first to make your workflow effective and transparent.

Olympus Dictation software incorporates three methods to create documentation.

This flexibility and personalisation allow users to choose the best option for them.

Olympus Dictation

Classic Transcription

The most common method of transcription with ODMS dictation software is the classic option.

Moreover, it is the traditional process of digital dictation:

  • Firstly, you record your notes, letter/email or report using a voice recorder, fixed USB microphone or smartphone (via the Olympus app).
  • Send the audio file to the secretary/administration staff via an internet connection or through the organisations’ network.
  • The recipient manually types up the file into the correct format and sends it back to the author for authorisation.
  • The author approves the written document and the secretary sends it to the relevant persons.

As you can imagine, classic transcription with ODMS eliminates the manual pass over of dictation tapes.

Authors would previously have had to return to the office to give the tape to the typist.

Therefore, this method saves time and is a much more flexible way of working.

Additionally, the DS-9500 voice recorder has a high-quality microphone and fast-forward and rewind button functionality. This guarantees quality dictations and effortless and comfortable use.

Olympus Dictation

Automatic Transcription

This next process option is what we call back-end speech recognition.

Automatic transcription with ODMS frees up the time of administration teams so that they can focus on more important tasks.

1. As the same with classic transcription, the author will record their dictation via a digital voice recorder, fixed USB microphone or smartphone and upload it to ODMS.

2. ODMS runs the audio through the *Dragon speech recognition engine and automatically transcribes it.

Dragon speech recognition software is also available separately.

Evidently, this method is much simpler and requires a lot fewer resources, especially the time of admin staff.

To elaborate, the secretaries can spend their time more productively, i.e. assisting clients or improving other office procedures.

Furthermore, both the classic and automatic transcription options allow authors (those creating the dictations) freedom from the office environment.

Hence, this option is perfect for property professionals, doctors, and lawyers.

Olympus Dictation

Advanced Voice Transcription

1. The author dictates using a voice recorder, USB fixed microphone or smartphone and uploads to ODMS.

2. ODMS with Dragon integration automatically transcribes the audio with speech to text technology, this is in real-time on their computer screens.

3. The admin staff then check the transcribed file and send it.

Advanced voice transcription also spares the time and resources that come with manual transcription.

The intelligence of the Dragon software combined with the ease of ODMS equal simple and effective document creation.

Central Administration

Both ODMS and the hardware associated with your system can be tracked through central administration.

This helps businesses keep on top of the users of the system. This is beneficial when tracing jobs and managing licenses.

The administration doesn’t require any further installations, it is strictly web-based.

Transform Your Business

ODMS is extremely diverse and can cater to your individual needs as a business.

Regardless of which method you choose, you are guaranteed the same excellent quality.

Not to mention, efficient document creation, secure workflow, and adaptable audio player.

Olympus Dictation

Unleash Your VoicePower

With voice recognition sweeping the world through the likes of Siri and Alexa, why not put the technology to proper use?

Improve your client experience and reduce the turnaround times of letters. Win back an of hour of your time a day and save money on outsourced transcription/typists.

VoicePower is not your average box-shifter. Our priority is making sure that you know how to use your new products; utilising them to the best of their ability is paramount.

Hence, we offer digital dictation and speech recognition training. We know speech technology inside out, let us share our knowledge and maximize your investment.

Olympus Dictation Training

As a Nuance Premier Partner, we’re able to offer Olympus dictation training.

Our courses are designed to maximise return on investment and to ensure you use the software to its full potential.

Understandably, no transition is without its teething problems. You can count on our technical support to help smooth out those bumps in the road.

In short, if you’re interested in the Olympus Dictation Softwaredigital, or any other products please get in touch.

Our experts are more than happy to talk you through the options available.