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Workflow Consultancy

VoicePower have worked within the speech recognition solution business for over 20-years, so you could say we know a thing or two.

That being said, we can understand that for you, implementing speech technology into your workflow can be confusing and overwhelming.

That's why every single VoicePower client is supported with our workflow consultancy service - Using our expert knowledge and experience to guide you through this process.

This, alongside our expert training packages, is what we believe makes the difference between a successful roll out or not.

The best advice we can give our clients is to invest in the solution correctly to ensure you get a great return on your investment.

What does that entail? Let us explain...

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Step 1: Discovery

You have an interest in improving your business processes and workflow, you think speech technology may be able to help you do that - You're right!

So the first thing to do is have a discovery meeting, during which we will discuss:

  • What are your goals and objectives for your new workflow?
  • Are there any issues or problems you'd like speech technology to resolve?
  • What impact does your new solution need to have?
  • We can demonstrate the solution to you and your team.
  • We can show/discuss the many case studies that we have from our existing clients.

Step 2: Improvement

Sometimes a completely new solution isn't necessary; you may have a system in place but you are not using all the functionality it has to offer, therefore not getting the best efficiencies from it.

Well, we can help with this too! We explore why the system isn't working in its current workflow and decide on a new process that will ensure better results and a smoother workflow.

Furthermore, there may be features of the software that you didn't know existed and things that you weren't aware that it could do.

With our workflow consultancy service we consider the entire process - not just the part of your workflow that we provide.

Meaning we take into account external services you're using such as case management systems or electronic patient records. How can this process be streamlined and improved? When the document is complete, who needs to be notified? Is the documents journey efficient? These are all questions we will take into account to provide an improved workflow.

Step 3: Friendly and Honest

We're here to be your sounding board and give you honest and friendly advice as and when you need it.

Our consultancy sessions are a safe place to ask questions, bounce ideas and ultimately create the best possible workflow for your business.

You can always count on an honest answer from our team of specialists and sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can be extremely helpful - especially when they've been looking at workflows for many years!

Step 4: Review

Even when you have deployed your new solution and you're enjoying the benefits, our hard work doesn't stop there.

The last step of our Workflow Consultancy Service is that we will catch up over a nice brew (Yorkshire Tea of course!) every 6 months for a quick chat - It wont take longer than an hour, we promise! We will discuss your business, how it's growing and look at how we can ensure your workflow aligns with those changes.

Ultimately, this meeting is about you; Your business, your goals and your future - We're just here to see how we can help.

Alongside that as part of our support contract we will be keeping in touch with all trainees weekly/monthly to check in and to ensure that everyone feels fully supported. We don’t just wait for you to contact us when there is problem.

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If you'd like to kick off your workflow consultancy journey with a discovery session, we'd love to hear from you.

Your business processes and development has never been more important so let's do it right - together!