Man with dark hair sits at a desk with headphones on and his elbows on the table. He is watching something on an Apple Mac computer.
June 3, 2024
The Best Assistive Technology for Disabilities
16 million people reported having a disability in 2022 and for many of these people, ...
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stress in the workplace
April 15, 2024
5 Ways To Overcome Stress in The Workplace
In 2023, 875,000 people reported being stressed at work – That’s equal to the population ...
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Philips SpeechLive text in a blue speech bubble icon.
January 31, 2024
How Do I Use SpeechLive? Your FAQs Answered
Getting started with any new technology can be tough. There is software to install, many ...
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Woman in an office being productive at work
January 5, 2024
How To Use Dragon Software
You are probably here because you have just purchased Dragon speech recognition, installed it and ...
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2024 in pink 3D characters on a purple background
November 29, 2023
How To Prioritise Technology in 2024
“Let’s just push back digital transformation until next year” “We’ll get a new CRM next ...
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Doctor dictating on her phone wearing glasses and a shirt. She is in an office.
November 27, 2023
Dragon Medical One Cost Versus Savings
These are all things that users of Dragon Medical One (by Nuance Communications) speech recognition ...
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Blue cloud has white text inside it that reads 'SpeechLive'
October 10, 2023
Maximise Your ROI with The New SpeechLive User Interface
Philips is dedicated to continuously improving their platforms and SpeechLive is having a pretty big makeover! ...
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Woman in an office being productive at work
October 10, 2023
How Does Dragon Software Work? Speech Recognition Explained
A magical robot that listens to what you say and types it for you on ...
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Close up of computer hard drive showing memory cards and bolts.
August 6, 2023
4 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is Better Than On-Premise
Are you wondering “Is cloud software right for me?” Well, we’re sorry to be the ...
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Grey square has white and blue text inside it that reads 'Nuance Dragon Medical One'
August 1, 2023
DMO Not Transferring Text: How to Fix It
When you are using Dragon Medical One by Nuance Communications, you might find that the text does not ...
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Apple Mac laptop on a desk with a dark background
June 5, 2023
Dragon For Mac: Is it possible? What are the options?
To put it bluntly, no there isn’t a version of Dragon speech recognition that was ...
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Two men look at an iPad. On the right is a man in a white shirt, he is showing the man on the right, in a blue shirt, something on the screen. They are both smiling.
March 22, 2023
All patients to view medical records online by October 2023
The way Doctors write their patient notes needs to change. Medical jargon, abbreviations and spelling ...
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