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  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon.
  • Has a very busy medico-legal practice providing reports for solicitors firms.
  • Provides reports in cases involving clinical negligence claims.


  • The tape machine being used was over 20 years old!
  • The recordings were inaccurate and ineffective.


  • A smooth transition from tapes to Olympus digital dictation.
  • A better quality of recording that is easier for the secretary to transcribe.
  • The recordings are encrypted and thus compliant with GDPR.

Due to working in a profession in which confidentiality is vital, our client has asked to be kept anonymous. For the purpose of this testimonial, we will call him Scott.

Olympus Digital Dictation

Old Fashioned Tapes Don’t Cut It For Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Scott has a very busy medico-legal practice providing reports for solicitor’s firms. 

In explaining his role, he says:

These firms can be acting for patients seeking compensation for injuries they have received in accidents at work.

Additionally, a further part of his role involves providing reports in cases involving clinical negligence claims.

As you can imagine, in Scott’s profession, security, trust and confidentiality are paramount and his client’s information is sensitive.

That is why when we at VoicePower heard that he had been using tapes, we couldn’t believe it!

I was using a tape dictation machine it was very old, probably over 20 years old!

Scott went on to explain that he would record his dictations onto a tape. He would then physically drive to his secretary’s place of work and she would then transcribed them on to her computer.

The tapes were worn out and my secretary often could hardly hear what I was saying on the tapes.

Olympus Digital Dictation

A Workflow Makeover with Olympus Digital Dictation

Scott decided it was time to take action.

He took to the internet and found Olympus Certified Partner and digital dictation experts: VoicePower Ltd.

After assessing Scott’s original workflow method and taking into account his requirements and needs, we advised him that ODMS would be the best solution for him.

Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) is a digital dictation method that helps people turn dictation in written text.

Rather than using an ancient tape recorder, Scott began using an Olympus DS 9500 voice recorder.

It is a completely wireless device with high-quality microphones meaning the previous indistinguishable audio is no more!

But this wasn’t Scott’s first contact with Olympus dictation:

A number of years ago I had used an Olympus machine when I did work for my surgical college. I remembered how impressed I was with it then.

Scott isn’t the only one enjoying the new audio quality:

My secretary now keeps saying how easy it is for her to hear my dictation, now crystal clear.

Furthermore, Scott went on to explain that the new process with Olympus digital dictation much faster than before.

He explained that his secretary would have to constantly have to rewind the tape to try to make out what he was saying!

It makes her life much easier now. She was already using it for other work she was doing!

Olympus Digital Dictation

Specialist Support

As well as a trusted supplier, VoicePower is also a specialist speech technology technical support provider.

This means that Scott can ring our technical team with any technical queries related to his Olympus digital dictation solution.

Evidently, this is extremely beneficial during the set-up and transitional period.

Our team are there every step of the way to ensure that the switch in methods causes minimal disruption and has the best possible outcome.

I am very satisfied with the help and support I have had. Liam was very helpful in helping me make the transition. It went smoothly with no real problems.

Olympus Digital Dictation

New Solution, New Savings

Overall, Scott confirms his satisfaction with Olympus Digital Dictation. The main saving is that of time.

The biggest difference is the ease with which I can now send reports to my secretary. I download the files on my laptop, this automatically encrypts them and they are sent to her via email.

Scott no longer has to manually deliver the tape recordings to his secretary.

Instead, he can send them immediately after completion directly from his computer to hers.

This means there is a steady flow of work for his secretary and not an influx of work at once.

What’s more, is that Scott’s confidential recordings are not compromised whilst in transit.

His voice recorder is fully encrypted whilst the files are sent to his computer, and then to his secretary’s computer.

There is no possibility of them falling into the wrong hands.

If audio files contain sensitive and confidential information, it is particularly important that they are encrypted following the new GDPR regulations introduced last year.

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