Olympus RecMic II

An intelligent, high accuracy and a noise-cancelling microphone.

The Olympus RecMic II was created to cater to professionals seeking excellent results with speech-to-text solutions.

The design is sleek and professional. The device is practical and coated with extra smooth UV; as a result, they are silent and the disturbing touch noises are reduced.

Complete with a trackball that operates via smart cursor motion, optional keyboard mode and microphone stand to enable hands-free dictation.

The Microphone has customisable buttons meaning easily completed actions and commands.

This feature simplifies dictation, making it easy and suited to you.

Olympus RecMic
Olympus RecMic

Noisy Environments Are a Thing of The Past

The RecMic II features a two-microphone system, meaning strong directionality and accurate results.

Consequently, the microphone is able to focus on the speaker in the same way a human would.

This microphone also has a Noise Cancelling feature. When activated, the microphone dismisses background noise and the hums of the office.

As a result, dictations are highly accurate and have minimal errors. the device has full focus and attention on your voice and dictations.

Olympus RecMic

Key Benefits

  • Plug in and play with USB connectivity.
  • Antimicrobial housing to comply with the standards of medical environments.
  • HD Keyboard mode – the ability to create shortcuts.
  • Compatible with on-premise Dragon speech recognition versions (excludes Dragon Medical One and Dragon Professional Anywhere).
Olympus RecMic

Versions of The Olympus RecMic II Series

  • The RM-4100S – This slide switch model provides three additional customizable function buttons. Create personalised shortcuts with each button for frequently used commands. The mechanical slide-switch is perfect for users who create classic dictations. Furthermore, the switch ensures maximum control of the recorder/player software.
  • RM-4110S – This model is fast and easy to navigate thanks to the built-in trackball. Ideally, we recommend those creating classic dictation use the RM-411OS.
  • RM-4010P – We recommend this model for users of real-time speech recognition. The RM-4010P ensures easy and fast mouse control via trackball control. Assign each button with the commands you use most often. This includes the commands used for speech recognition.
  • The RM-4015P – Store your dictations safely with 8 GB internal memory. Much like a USB-Stick, the memory stores your most important documents and your user profile.

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our experts or request a quote for the Olympus Rec Mic II then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.