Olympus DS 9500 Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus DS 9500

The Olympus DS 9500 Digital Voice Recorder is the latest model in the mobile dictation range.

Specifically made for turning speech-to-text, this product easy to operate and extremely flexible.

Along with the professional and sleek design, the DS-9500 recorder is completely wireless.

Therefore, you can work anywhere at any time.

Whether it be in the car, from the comfort of your own home or in between meetings, this recorder has no restrictions.

With clear and simple operation, this model is designed to seamlessly integrate into a company’s digital workflow.

With the outcome of maximum efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the Olympus digital voice recorders can be used with the Olympus ODMS dictation software.

Winscribe digital dictation solution is also compatible with the Olympus DS-9500.

Olympus DS 9500

Intelligent Two-Microphone System

The DS-9500 was built with a two-microphone system.

Above all, the system was designed to record the human voice accurately, thus ensuring easy transcription.

With two microphones situated on the top of the recorder, you can be certain of quality, accuracy, and ease when dictating.

Not only can you record your own dictations, but with the microphone system, you can also record conferences.

Additionally, with thanks to the 90-degree layout, the DS-9500 enables high-quality audio in a studio setting.

Olympus DS 9500

Noisy Office? Don’t Worry…

The Olympus DS-9500 has a high directionality mode. Additionally, the recorder has a noise cancellation mode.

These things combined equal an incredibly focused recorder, in which background noise is not an issue.

The features of this model ensure that the recorder is able to focus on the voice of the dictator.

Whilst concentrating on the predominant voice, the device cancels out other noises.

Subsequently, your voice is the priority and surrounding noise is suppressed to a minimum.

Olympus DS 9500

Key Features of The Olympus DS 9500

  • Send dictations via WiFi
  • 2.4-inch screen with a full-colour display
  • Durable with an impact resistant body
  • Maximum security with PIN lock and 256-bit encryption
  • Dedicated docking station
  • AC Adapter bundled for recharge with docking station
  • Comes with ODMS R7 (Olympus Dictation Management System)
Olympus DS 9500

Sending Your Dictations

With WiFi connectivity, you can send your dictation anywhere at any time.

Authors no longer need to carry around their PC to download files to the ODMS workflow.

Therefore, the device no longer needs to be connected to the docking station.

We’re also able to provide the Olympus DS 9000 voice recorder which is similar to the DS 9500 but without Wi-Fi connectivity.

VoicePower Ltd is an Olympus Pro-Line Dealer.

We are able to offer consultancy services as well as set up, install and support users.

Therefore, should you require additional information or guidance on the best dictation systems to suit your needs, please contact us to discuss.