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SpeechLive is a cloud-based digital dictation system that has in-built speech recognition capabilities. It's an excellent tool for capturing all kinds of business documentation quickly and efficiently.

This offering from Philips is brilliant because it gives users the flexibility to use the traditional transcription method, or the increasingly popular speech recognition technology. Not to mention, the added value that is the SpeechLive mobile app - Meaning you can work any where at any time!

As a Philips Certified Partner, we're excited to be able to offer a free 14-day trial so that you can try it out for yourself.

*Please note: You must have existing hardware (voice recorder/microphone and foot pedal) a in order to take part in the free trial. If you do not have hardware, we are able to supply it but it will have to be purchased as normal.


“Lockdown prompted the change, but the versatility offered by SpeechLive is something we didn’t know we were missing"

- Ison Harrison Solicitors | Read their case study

How Does SpeechLive Work?

Use of the SpeechLive dictation platform is separated by two roles: The author and the typist.

The author is the person who is capturing the information, often a fee earner or doctor for example. They will have an author licence and will capture the audio file with a voice recorder, a microphone or the SpeechLive app.

This will then be sent to the typist, often a secretary or PA, who will transcribe the audio file into a tangible document ready for distribution. Using the SpeechLive portal, they can use their foot pedal to navigate through the file, they can also mark jobs as completed.

The SpeechLive trial allows for both author and typist licences to be used to get a realistic view of what the workflow will be like and how the software links the two roles together.


Please note: We are not able to offer trials to people or business outside the UK.