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Finding your Voice

To implement speech recognition software and digital dictation successfully, we combine our specialist knowledge and industry experience to provide a unique and personal service that ensures all of our customers receive the right solutions for their company, depending upon requirements.

We take the time to understand your company’s unique challenges by using independent objectivity which comes as a breath of fresh air to many of our clients and means we are respected by a host of leading manufacturers including Olympus, Philips, Nuance and Winscribe.

Established in 1993, VoicePower has been supplying speech recognition solutions and dictation products for more than 25 years and in that time we think we’ve found our own ‘voice’ in terms of what we offer our clients.

Our certified trainers are highly skilled in applying the power of voice to innovate productivity, accessibility and data flow in organisations through leading-edge technology that will give you back time whilst making you more efficient.

VoicePower in Harrogate has provided us with a number of products and training and support services for more than 15 years including Olympus digital dictation systems and Dragon voice recognition software. The products and service have always been to an excellent standard. We continue to use and would recommend their services.

Nicholas P Luty LLB - Armstrong Luty Solicitors

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VoicePower Team



We are committed to providing our customers with a personal and friendly service. We take time to listen to what our customers really want and we are available on the phone whenever you need us. Our relationships are built on trust so you’ll always know who you are dealing with.


We are a reliable and credible company offering a thorough and professional service. In fact, the majority of our business comes from recommendations and word of mouth due to the professional service we provide.


We are passionate about doing a good job and making our clients happy. We believe in the speech recognition solutions we supply and the difference they make and we will work closely with our clients to recommend the right solution with integrity at a price which reflects the standard of service you will receive


Vicky Humberstone Sales Director / Owner

Vicky is the owner of VoicePower as well as the point of call for all prospects, she loves getting know our customers to find the right solution for their business.

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Paul Vincent Professional Services Manager

Our Professional Services Manager, Paul is a workflow consultancy expert; When he’s not leading first-class training sessions, he is helping clients to implement their speech technology solution and advising on the most efficient and productive way to use it.

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Matt Hartley Trainer and Accessibility Specialist

Matt, our Specialist Software Trainer, spends most of his time hosting valuable training sessions and teaching our users on how to get the most from their new speech recognition software.

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Becky Cape Operations Manager

Working closely with the rest of the management team, Becky's focus is managing relationships with clients and ensuring the smooth-running of the business.

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Courtney Castle Marketing Manager

Courtney runs all things marketing at VoicePower – Whether it be running our social media pages, writing blogs for the website or promoting new products and offers – She does it all.

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Deirdre Nganjo Client Support Advisor

Joining the team this year as our Client Support Advisor, Deirdre has extensive experience in account management.

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Gina Morrison Administrative Assistant

Gina is the latest addition to the VoicePower team. Stepping into her role as Administrative Assistant, Gina oversees various parts of the business from sending quotes and processing orders to booking training sessions and liaising with clients.

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