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To implement speech recognition software and digital dictation successfully, we combine our specialist knowledge and industry experience to provide a unique and personal service that ensures all of our customers receive the right solutions for their company, depending upon requirements. We take the time to understand your company’s unique challenges by using independent objectivity which comes as a breath of fresh air to many of our clients, and means we are respected by a host of leading manufacturers including Olympus, Philips, Nuance and Winscribe.

Established in 1993, VoicePower has been supplying speech recognition solutions and dictation products for more than 25 years and in that time we think we’ve found our own ‘voice’ in terms of what we offer our clients. Our certified trainers are highly skilled in applying the power of voice to innovate productivity, accessibility and data flows in organisations through leading edge technology that will give you back time whilst making you more efficient.

VoicePower in Harrogate has provided us with a number of products and training and support services for more than 15 years including Olympus digital dictation systems and Dragon voice recognition software. The products and service have always been to an excellent standard. We continue to use and would recommend their services.

Nicholas P Luty LLB - Armstrong Luty Solicitors

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We are committed to providing our customers with a personal and friendly service. We take time to listen to what our customers really want and we are available on the phone whenever you need us. Our relationships are built on trust so you’ll always know who you are dealing with.


We are a reliable and credible company offering a thorough and professional service. In fact, the majority of our business comes from recommendations and word of mouth due to the professional service we provide.


We are passionate about doing a good job and making our clients happy. We believe in the speech recognition solutions we supply and the difference they make and we will work closely with our clients to recommend the right solution with integrity at a price which reflects the standard of service you will receive


Sonja de Wit Brown Managing Director / Owner

I started as a VoicePower employee in 2000, now as the managing director, I feel very much part of the furniture! Over the years I have seen some very exciting changes to the speech technology we supply and also to the business as a whole.

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Vicky Humberstone Sales Director / Owner

My VoicePower journey began in 2010. I previously had a successful career in recruitment and management where I started out as a temp - way back when there weren’t even any computers!

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Paul Vincent Professional Services Manager

I have been with VoicePower since 2007. My current role sees me heavily involved with solution consultancy, implementation as well as training and support. 

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Liam Malyn Client Account Manager

I settled into my initial role as VoicePower Support Technician in 2014. Three years later I was promoted to Office Manager.

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Matt Hartley Specialist Software Trainer

I have been a member of the VoicePower Team since 2015. I really enjoy my role as a Software Trainer as it allows me to meet many interesting people in various professional fields.

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Becky Cape Administrative Assistant

I began my role of Administrative Assistant at VoicePower in March 2018. For the majority of my career I worked in recruitment and business development. 

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Courtney Castle Marketing Coordinator

My role within the VoicePower team is the Social Media & Business Admin Intern. I joined in July 2018 to manage the social media platforms, website and to create brand new content and articles for these channels - which is great as I love to write!

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Betty Bark Recognition Expert

Hi, I'm Betty! I am a very persuasive member of the VoicePower sales team - once people see my smiley face and waggy tail they just can't resist!

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