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Cloud-based speech recognition has proven itself to be an incredible tool for business professionals all over the world, but we understand, sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

We're so confident that you will love our Dragon Professional Anywhere that we can offer you a completely free trial.  You might like to try the desktop based Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) or the secure, UK hosted mobile App called Dragon Anywhere Mobile (DAM),

We can offer Dragon pilots in a number of ways, one is our 'Dragon self-service proof of concept' and the other is our 'Dragon Fully serviced pilot'


Dragon self-service proof of concept:

What does the self-service proof of concept entail?

  • we will conduct an IT check to ensure that your computer and IT environments are compatible with the software
  • our Support Team will set up your trial licence for you
  • unrestricted use of a Dragon licence for 7 days
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The Key to a Successful Pilot

The purpose of this Dragon proof of concept is to allow you to see how much the technology has developed, how good the accuracy is and, how it could work within your workflow. However, the real magic happens thereafter.

The key to a successful trial of speech recognition is appreciating the necessity for expert guidance to get the most out of the solution. After all, the purpose of investing in speech technology is to save time and be more productive therefore wasting time on trying to figure it out yourself is counter-productive - Instead, you can rely on us!

Option 2 - Fully serviced Dragon pilot

As per the 'self-service' we will:

  • conduct an IT check to ensure that your computer and IT environments are compatible with the software.
  • our Support Team will set up your Dragon trial licence

The difference with the 'Fully serviced' Dragon pilot are:

  • installation and configuration of the solutions (PC based and Apps)
  • 30 days pilot use of Dragon Professional Anywhere
  • 1-2-1 remote training to teach you the basics and personalise the software to your workflow
  • set-up shortcuts and further automation to speed you up even further
  • access to training material to refer back to during pilot period
  • benchmarking to understand what are the success criteria
  • Technical support, for end users and IT personnel throughout pilot period
  • weekly usage statistics supplied
  • end of pilot review meeting and usage statistic analysis
  • (we can also help prepare information to support business cases for return on investment)

We will always outline all costs should you wish to proceed following the trials, after all you need to know how much it will cost!  This includes pricing for the licence itself and our professional services to guarantee the best results possible.

We take pride in offering our professional services to ensure that our customers get the most out of the time they invest in trials, your time is valuable.

Please note: We are not able to offer either of our pilot options to people or business outside the UK.