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Dragon Professional Individual

A new milestone in speech recognition: speed and accuracy, now powered by Nuance’s new next-generation “Deep Learning” speech engine: Dragon Professional Individual.

See our separate product page for the Dragon Professional Group which is for those users working in an organisation with a requirement for networking, remote desktop support, volume licensing and central management tools.

Do you spend hours creating documents, spreadsheets or presentations, managing email and filling out forms?

Are you simply looking to reduce the physical stress of typing?

Either way, Dragon Professional Individual can help you work faster and smarter using your voice.

Dictate in popular applications, customise words, insert frequently used text or graphics and shortcut repetitive tasks – all just by speaking.

Save time and focus on strategic business and work priorities, not mundane admin tasks.

Speed Up and Simplify Documentation Tasks

Dragon eliminates barriers to productivity and creativity by letting you interact with your computer by voice.

It turns your spoken thoughts into text and your voice commands into action so you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of typing and spelling.

Make edits and apply formatting using your voice to make easy work of document creation.

  • Think out loud to capture ideas up to 3x faster than typing
  • Edit and format text much faster than using a keyboard and mouse
  • Automatically format text to appear the way you want it to – every time

Get Documentation Done Anytime, Anywhere

Maximise productivity even when you’re on the road.

The separate, cloud-based Dragon Anywhere app lets you continue your work in the field to keep up with documentation.

Dictate and edit documents of any length by voice – using your own customized words, shortcuts and commands – directly on your iOS or Android device.

  • Adapts to your voice and terminology so you can dictate, edit, navigate and format within your document from anywhere.
  • Syncs your customisations with Dragon Professional Individual for seamless productivity wherever your job takes you.
  • Gain immediate access to your dictation without having to wait or rely on a costly transcription service.
  • Spend more time on the bottom line and less time behind a desk completing administrative tasks.

Dictate Anywhere

Don’t fall behind on paperwork due to business travel if your preference is to work with a recorder by voice.

With Dragon Professional Individual and a Nuance approved digital voice recorder, you can record your voice into an audio file and Dragon will automatically transcribe the recordings when you connect to your desktop.

Ask VoicePower which digital voice recorders would be suitable for this purpose.

Some have encryption and additional security which may be important to your role.

  • No more scribbling notes on paper; record thoughts and ideas on the go.
  • Improve documentation accuracy by capturing more detailed notes
  • Save time and eliminate reliance on costly transcription services.
  • Another option to stay productive no matter where your job takes you.
Dragon Professional Individual

Share Customizations with Dragon Anywhere Mobile App

Dragon Anywhere is a separate, cloud-based app that provides continuous dictation capabilities, letting enterprise users create and edit documents of any length by voice – using their own customized words, shortcuts and commands – directly on an iOS or Android device.

  • Step-by-Step Commands: The Step-by-Step option in Dragon’s command creation wizard lets you automate a series of actions (such as launching applications or opening folders).
  • Advanced Scripting: Those with some programming knowledge can use Dragon’s VBA-like advanced scripting to voice-enable specific custom functions on the computer in order to better integrate with your existing applications and workflows.  Those without this knowledge can ask their VoicePower trainer to assist in the scoping and creation of these commands.

Meet Accessibility Requirements

Command and control your computer by voice – Launch applications, select menu items, press keys, switch between windows, search the Web, create and send emails and more all by voice.

Dragon Professional Individual gives you the flexibility to:

  • Work hands-free – Experience more ergonomic comfort when working on your computer
  • Feel less stress and strain on your body- Multitask by using your voice to dictate and execute commands

Dragon Professional Individual (Access to Work) is available at a discounted price for those users who are obtaining funding for their workplace reasonable adjustments via the government’s Access to Work scheme. 

Why should I choose VoicePower Ltd?

VoicePower is a Nuance Dragon Partner with a great deal of experience in supplying and customising speech recognition within a wide variety of industry sectors.

If you have limited IT resources, need to support specific workflow requirements, or just want to get up and running quickly with customisations, deployment and training, VoicePower has it covered.

VoicePower offers complete Professional Services tailored to your needs that can help you start realising significant documentation productivity gains from Dragon for accelerated return on investment.

VoicePower Ltd is a Nuance Dragon partners and our training includes CPD credit for  Continued Professional Development – Earn whilst you learn.

Dragon Professional Individual Training

As a Nuance Premier Partner, we’re able to offer Dragon Professional Individual training.

Our courses are designed to maximise return on investment and to ensure you use the software to its full potential.

This course is also available on our online training portal: The VoicePower Community.

Check out our Nuance Dragon Support page to resolve common technical questions.

Special Requirements

Does not support dictation into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems or clinical systems such as EMIS Web or SystmOne.

For EMR support, please use Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Does not support networking, remote desktop support, volume licensing and central management tools, for this see our product page for the Dragon Professional Group.

Please note: Dragon is not compatible with Mac computers, only Windows PC’s. There is a workaround using Parallels software which must be used at your own discretion as it is not completely supported by Nuance.

VoicePower Ltd is happy to supply quotes for any of our products if you would like a quote, arrange a demonstration please talk to a member of our team.