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More than 2 million people in the UK are severely affected by Dyslexia (Nessy) but each person faces different obstacles.

Therefore, finding beneficial resources is extremely personal and individual; what works for one, may not work for another.

That’s why we’ve selected a variety of dyslexia resources that we hope will be useful to all types of people, students, professionals and all.

Let’s get into it…

dyslexia resources

Inspiration Maps

This IOS smartphone app was created by Diagramming Apps and is available on iPhone and iPad.

Dyslexic users are very visual people, they find this format easier to digest, easier to learn and easier to plan.

Inspiration Maps plays to that strength allowing users to create mind-maps, brainstorm and take notes all in their preferred format.

dyslexia resources

TextHelp Read and Write

The first of our dyslexia resources is a piece of software that is extremely valuable for Dyslexic users who struggle with grammar, punctuation and white display backgrounds.

TextHelp Read and Write has an extensive spell-check feature, allowing users reassurance that what they’re writing is correct in terms of spelling and grammatically.

Furthermore, the software can also read written text out loud so the user can physically hear their content – This is helpful in terms of proofreading their work.

Lastly, TextHelp Read and Write also has a screen-masking feature.

By default, computers display most pages on a white background, this can be hard to read for the Dyslexic brain.

TextHelp allows the user to select their preferred colour making it easier and more stimulating for their brain.

We’re a supplier of TextHelp Read and Write, get in touch for pricing.

dyslexia resources


Another smartphone app, Pocket: Save, Read, Grow is a handy tool that acts as a personal library.

You can save content from anywhere, be it the internet, apps or notes, you can keep a record of useful documents.

This dyslexia resource would be extremely useful to students needing to keep track of academic sources or for sports fanatics who want to keep on top of the football fixtures.

Dragon Professional 16

Dragon Professional 16 – Voice Recognition Software

As mentioned earlier, many people with dyslexia have trouble with spelling and grammar.

Dragon is an intelligent software that allows its user to speak directly into their computer and turns spoken words into written text in real-time.

Three times quicker than manual typing, this technology eliminates the pressures of proofreading, spellchecking and deadlines.

Masters student and VoicePower client, Tom, explains:

Dragon dyslexia software was a game changer as I can articulate myself far better through speaking than I can writing or typing. Therefore, I was able to radically improve the quality of my writing because I was thinking far more about what to say but also how to say it.

Tom Mcready

OCR Instantly Pro

The last of our dyslexia resources is OCR, also known as Optical Character Recognition, and it’s used to convert any images to text.

It takes an image and converts it into digitized text which can then be shared to other applications such as Email and SMS, or copy-paste the text to anywhere you like.

That’s it, our top 5 dyslexia resources! We hope they’re helpful and valuable to you.

Let us know if you have a particular app or software that you couldn’t live without on our Twitter.

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