Calling Time on Workarounds with Harriet Robbins

  • Are you stuck with software that doesn’t tick all of your boxes?
  • Are you using your own time & resources to create workarounds using third party applications?
  • Are you dictating and then using email, Dropbox, WhatsApp to send your sensitive recordings to your colleague for transcription?
  • Please don’t tell me you’re recording onto tape cassettes and sending them with Royal Mail so they can be typed up by a colleague while we’re working remotely?

Stop – just Stop!

Why didn’t you invest in a solution that ticks more boxes and works as you need it to? Hindsight, hey?

I’m writing about finding the right solution for you, and how to do it. If you want to, read the whole thing. If you’re in a hurry, then take these tips away;

  • Educate yourself on other solutions before you renew with existing suppliers.
  • Find a decent company who can talk to you about multiple options – not a company who has a single product up their sleeve with a target to hit.
  • Vocalise your ideal solution and ask VoicePower to find it for you (no pressure, VP team!)

I’m Harriet by the way, I spend my Monday to Friday doing all things business development at Philips Dictation.

I used to spend my days meeting Partners and Client’s all over the UK, now I do it in my slippers at home over MS Teams. You can find me on LinkedIn here.


When we speak to Client’s about Digital Dictation, we ask a lot of questions.

Mostly our Client’s don’t want to hear us pitch all of the amazing things our software suite is capable of (and they are amazing… FYI), we listen intensely, and we read between the lines to work out what your ideal solution looks like.

We need YOU to tell us what good looks like… Sorry, we can’t do that bit for you!

There is so many programs, devices, user interfaces (and so on) to choose from so we want to make it really easy for you.

We involve all decision-makers. It’s unlikely someone in a single position is clued up on virtual environments or devices in the field as much as the workflow arrangements between team members.

Therefore, we need to see all cogs & how they like to work in order to move onward.

The problem is, as humans, we like what we know and we quickly become comfortable with process. For example, I’m guilty of using 2 shades of foundation to achieve my skin tone. I could spend less money on one product if I took the time to go and find the right shade. But I’ve got a good thing going so why would I change that? I too have workarounds.

Our biggest job at Philips is educating the market on what’s out there, that renewing the same contract with your supplier often kicks the workaround can down the road.

Since you signed with your supplier all those years ago – A LOT has changed! Remember that time when we all had to work from home overnight? Many of us weren’t ready for that…

So, do your colleagues a favour: educate yourself before you renew again.

Think about the ideal digital dictation workflow software for your team. Who knows, it might already be available off the shelf. You just gotta know where to look…

Step 1 in bringing your ideas to life is talking them through with VoicePower. Bespoke packages, instant downloads, cloud solutions or a mix of all of it is easily done! They will even speak your language…

It’s a buyer’s market so make your needs known and ensure you get a solution that ticks all of your boxes and kiss goodbye to those painful workarounds!


July 30, 2020
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