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The way Doctors write their patient notes needs to change.

Medical jargon, abbreviations and spelling mistakes have got to go because it’s not just them reading it anymore.

By October 2023, all patients will be able to view medical records online with many already having that access.

This is a big move from the NHS and an excellent way to enforce the patient-centred care that is highlighted in their long-term plan. This access will empower patients and involve them in their own care like never before.

However, for healthcare professionals, it will lead to some big changes with regard to how patient notes are recorded.

Clinical documentation will need to be clearer and more concise and most importantly, understandable to a layperson.

It is vital that patients have a clear understanding of their own records and are able to read them freely.

Dragon Medical One speech recognition can help GPs create documentation fit for the above purpose and here’s why…

Dragon encourages a conversational style

“Speak as you normally would to a friend or colleague” is one of the first bits of advice that our trainers give to our Dragon users.

You don’t have to speak – really – slow- like – this as if you are a robot. In fact, the more conversational your dictations, the better. Speaking in full sentences helps Dragon to understand the context of each word and thus boosts productivity.

This is helpful when considering the new patient access as the text will be written as it was spoken making it easy to read and interpret.

Acronym and abbreviation expanders

This Dragon feature means that Doctors won’t have to change their dictation style too much with the new patient access.

In short, it’s a clever customisation that programs the software to know that when the user dictates one thing, they actually want a different written form.

This means Doctors can dictate using their usual terminology but Dragon will print the preferred written form that the patient can understand – A win-win!

dragon medical one

Create accurate and detailed documentation 3x faster than typing and deliver an excellent standard of care to your patients with Dragon Medical One.

Try it free for 7 days with absolutely no obligation. Be ready for when your patients can view medical records online. You won’t look back.

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