Voice Technology Training Courses

Specialist Training Equals Exceptional Results

Our speech recognition and digital dictation technology training courses are just one of our services that make up our change management expertise.

Digital transformation is often met with reservations and while embracing speech technology can be disruptive, our training courses are there to minimise the impact and maximise return on investment.

Our solutions are highly accurate and work ‘out of the box’. However, implementing this type of technology is not like installing a new Word processing package, it can be a completely revolutionary way of working.

Without the correct training, the technology (or it's user!) won't be able to achieve their full potential - That's where we come in!

Our Voice Technology Training Courses are specifically designed to:

  • Make the adoption of new technology as smooth and effortless as possible.
  • Maximise your return on investment.
  • Customize the technology to your needs.

Whether its pre-implementation benchmarking to help you understand the value of your chosen technology or a complete assessment of your businesses workflow and requirements, we're more than a reseller.


Not Your Average Training

For many, when you think of the word 'training' you think of a room full of people listening to the trainer - and let's face it, we've all felt a little sleepy in a training session at one point or another!

That is not what we're about at VoicePower. When we talk about speech technology training, we're not just going to show you how to click buttons and open the software - No way!

Our training is more like software development and configuration. Our trainers focus on solution engagement and will help you to create a process that is completely specific to you to improve your workflow; for example, using commands such as "Correct That" to help you rectify any misrecognitions and then auto-texts that allow you to populate frequently used text such as an attendance note template with one simple phrase - Pretty handy right!

Firstly, our speech recognition courses are carried out 1-2-1 to ensure that we can tailor your learning to what will help you in your role, and help you to get the most out of the technology. Then there is our digital dictation training which can be carried out in groups of no more than four people to assist users with understanding the transcription process and their place within it.

The software's are amazing and have fabulous productivity features, but these features are no good if you don't know they are there and equally there is no point in you learning about features which will never help you. Therefore, we personalise your time with our trainers to your individual requirements, whether these be for productivity gain or accessibility.

Most importantly, we work with your business to assist with change management so that your new solution is guaranteed to be as successful as possible and meet your objectives both personal and company wide.

So yes, if you purchase our training package, we will of course teach you how to use your new technology, but first and foremost we will be there to guide you to using your software in the most personalised, efficient and effective manner to be able to realise your return on investment quickly.

Available Training Courses

We offer training for a range of voice technology solutions including Nuance Dragon, Olympus, Philips & Winscribe.

VoicePower trainers are experienced and manufacturer accredited - they know their stuff!

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An Investment In Your Success

Our voice technology training courses are an investment for your business, ensuring that you have both confidence and knowledge when using your new software.

Our aim is to ensure that you get the most out of your new purchase and reap the benefits that come with it.

Both onsite and online training options are available and are conducted by highly qualified speech recognition experts.

One to one, refresher, group and IT administrator training packages are also available.


CPD Accreditation

VoicePower training courses are rewarded with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date through is a professional responsibility so we're proud that our training courses count toward this CPD Credits scheme.

  • 1 hour of learning activity/training accompanied by a reflective record is 1 learning credit.
  • If the learning/solution is then implemented in practice resulting in an improvement in patient care or positive changes in an area of work, then 2 learning credits for each hour of such learning activity can be claimed.
Training Courses

"Thanks to VoicePower’s excellent training and ongoing support, we were using Dragon Medical within an hour"

Chris Watson, Railway Medical Group.



Voice recognition training

Some of our Dragon courses are available online through our e-learning portal: The VoicePower Community.




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