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Dragon Medical One Access To Work Training
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Dragon Medical One Access To Work Training
Price starts from £299 +VAT per user.
*All Access To Work courses are discounted from £395.


Dragon Medical One is a secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to document the complete patient story using their voice. It is the best and most popular medical speech recognition software on the market.

It can also be used by healthcare professionals who have additional needs such as Dyslexia, Repetitive Strain Injury and any other physical or learning disabilities.

Our specialist trainer will take the time to understand your needs and consider how Dragon can be tailored to meet them. They will then work with you on 1-2-1 sessions to put the plan in place and empower you to use Dragon independently.

The Dragon Medical One Access To Work Training Session looks something like this…

  • Microphone set-up and selection
  • Dictation etiquette/skills
  • Correction and editing
  • Anchoring Dragon Medical One
  • Automation commands
  • Auto-texts and shortcuts
  • Dictation box
  • Customising your vocabulary
  • Dictation within clinical applications
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Dictation with SmartPhone microphone App (if applicable)

It Includes:

2 x 1 hour 1-2-1
remote session

12 months technical support

12 months of access to the DMO course on our
e-learning portal

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