Winscribe Digital Dictation


Nuance’s Winscribe Dictation is an enterprise digital dictation workflow management system. It assists organisations in managing their dictation, transcription and documentation processes.

Winscribe Dictation enables business professionals to record their dictation from wherever they are. Whether it be from a PC, a touch-tone telephone, a digital recorder, smartphone or tablet, Winscribe allows you to use your preferred device. Of course, with the majority of these devices restrictions are not an option. Winscribe works on the go, as and when you’re ready.

Subsequently, the file is automatically delivered for transcription within seconds of completion.

The software can automatically collect and deliver dictations and assess information about the jobs. Following this, Winscribe dictation can automatically deliver work the the appropriate location. At which point, the document will be made available for transcriptionists.

Similarly, Winscribe’s Dictation workflow capabilities allows clients to know instantly how many dictations are pending completion. Additionally, users can monitor which staff member is working on which file.



Enjoy these key benefits with Winscribe Dictation:



Key features of Winscribe Dictation include:


  • Dictate and transcribe from anywhere and at any time
  • Flexible dictation input options: smartphone, tablet, digital recorders, PC, microphones or telephony
  • Monitor the process of your dictation in real-time
  • Integrates with third party systems
  • No duplication of efforts – each job is tracked
  • Recognises deviations in the normal workflow and automatically takes corrective actions
  • Supports optional use of speech recognition
  • Supports mobile-working with apps
  • Flexible licencing options


What is one significant benefit of an intelligent, automated workflow?


TIME! You get time back that would have previously been wasted. Meaning, gone are the days of manually delivering audio tapes, sending digital files, and managing data. Above all, this enables organisations to focus time and effort on more revenue-generating activities.



Winscribe Mobile Dictation Apps – Secure Dictation, anywhere, anytime.


Winscribe provides two specialised dictation apps for mobile dictation: Winscribe Professional and Winscribe MD. Both dictation apps are designed for use on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Additionally, the iPad and Android tablets are also compatible.

◾Winscribe Professional — General use

◾Winscribe MD — For use in the Healthcare industry. Software presents the clinician with real-time appointment and patient data. Additionally, electronic medical record data is imported wirelessly from the server into Winscribe MD’s patient scheduling feature.



Keeping your information secure


Security is a primary consideration for Winscribe. They are experts in their field, with over 15 years experience in providing reliable, robust, secure digital dictation solutions. Hence, their clients range over many sectors. Healthcare organisations, law firms, government bodies, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies are just a few.

All components of the Winscribe system are compliant with international and industry security standards. Varying from encryption to password policies, privacy and confidentiality, Winscribe is fully secure. Furthermore, it is compliant with United States HIPAA law and NHS clinical risk management procedures in the United Kingdom.

In addition to security, Winscribe offer a comprehensive audit trail for all documents. The trial identifies who has created, viewed, and edited each document, the dates and times their actions were undertaken, and what changes they made.


Winscribe for healthcare literature



Winscribe for legal literature



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