Winscribe Dictation Cloud

Winscribe dictation

Winscribe Cloud Services (Software as a Service)

The cloud is one of the most effective ways to boost staff productivity and reduce costs is through cloud-based speech technology.

You can speak five times faster than you can type, therefore speech-based documentation is saving professionals huge amounts of time.

As a result, users of speech recognition are able to address clients needs, acquire new work and much more.

Now, clients have the option to subscribe to Winscribe Dictation Cloud Services, a cloud-based SaaS offering.

Ultimately, this solution is designed for organisations that do not want to invest in internal systems.

With Nuance’s Winscribe Cloud there are no servers to buy, install, maintain or upgrade.

Therefore, with Winscribe Dictation Cloud you can do more with less and…

  • Reduce upfront and on-going costs.
  • Reduce IT resource needs.
  • Automatically stay up to date with the latest software version.
  • Streamline dictation and documentation processes.

Optimise your workflow system with Winscribe and spend your time on the important things, like customer care.

Winscribe Dictation Cloud allows you to deploy digital dictation and transcription workflow management.

Long gone are the days of relying on your IT support.

Key Benefits

Key Features

  • Supports optional speech recognition.
  • Enables system scalability and growth.
  • You can work from anywhere at any time.
  • Covers physical, operations and system security.
  • Unlimited users – no cap on numbers.
  • Seamless support for Winscribe’s mobile applications.
  • Silent installations meaning nothing stops you from working.
  • Built-in data redundancy measures – You don’t have to worry about damage to servers.

Winscribe Dictation: On-Premise Versus Cloud Service

Winscribe dictation
Winscribe dictation

Winscribe Cloud services provide a secure hosted dictation service which is priced on a per-user per annum basis.

This annual fee includes support and all upgrades so you will never have to buy an upgrade.

Additionally, a variety of input devices can be used including fixed USB microphones, digital voice recorders, and smartphones.

Winscribe Cloud Dictation is available through the Digital Marketplace as we’re a G-Cloud 12 supplier.

Utilise the software to it’s full potential with our Ultimate Winscribe Guide.

Winscribe Dictation Training

As a Nuance Premier Partner, we’re able to offer Winscribe dictation training.

Our courses are designed to maximise return on investment and to ensure you use the software to its full potential.

Try It For Free!

We’re so confident that Winscribe Dictation Cloud will revolutionise the way you work that we are currently running a free trial.

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Winscribe dictation