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Dragon Anywhere Mobile

The Dragon Anywhere Mobile app by Nuance Communications allows you to enjoy the benefits of speech recognition wherever you go.

On the way to the office, after a meeting with a client or at home after a busy day – Your productivity has no time-frame.

What’s more, it’s fully synced to your Dragon Professional Anywhere licence meaning all of your customised commands, auto-texts and more are transferrable between your computer and your phone.

Let’s take a further look at the benefits of Dragon Anywhere Mobile…

Key features

  • Outstanding accuracy – Deep Learning technology delivers fast dictation with high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.
  • Voice editing – Modify, edit, train and format text using simple voice commands and customisations.
  • Simple sharing – Simply use your voice to email your document to a client of colleague or save it to the Cloud.
dragon anywhere mobile

What can Dragon Anywhere Mobile be used for?

The Dragon smartphone app is used to create documentation, this can be anything from:

  • Composing and replying to emails.
  • Creating reports and contracts.
  • Case management notes.
  • Property valuations or listings.
  • Legal attendance notes and billable work.
  • Financial advice.
  • Accountancy reports.
  • Writing marketing copy and content.

The point is, if you can type it, you can speak it!

dragon anywhere mobile

Seamless integration

Being sister solutions, Dragon Anywhere Mobile and the computer-based Dragon Professional Anywhere work seamlessly together.

Although the Dragon app can be purchased separately, if you purchase a Dragon Professional Anywhere licence, you can get the app for free!

Your voice profile will follow you from device to device as your productivity and reporting continues.

Both the app and the full version will know your custom commands, vocabulary, auto-text and templates allowing for no disruption or re-training.

Don’t worry, if this all sounds completely alien to you, our experts are here to help. Our team are certified by Nuance to provide specialist training and technical support for all Dragon versions.

Software you can trust

As with all Dragon speech recognition versions, Dragon Anywhere Mobile is fully secure and encrypted which means all of your dictations are too!

Using cloud technology, the Dragon app is also stored locally in the UK which means your files are safe and secure on English soil.

You nor your clients need to worry about GDPR or breaching data-security if you’re using Dragon – We know how important it is to all involved.

dragon anywhere mobile

Track your success

When you’re using certain versions of Dragon, you have the ability to manage your users with the Nuance Management Center (NMC) – This feature is available with Dragon Professional Anywhere and Dragon Anywhere Mobile combined.

The NMC allows the carefully-chosen administrator to centrally manage all licences and track the usage.

Other features include:

  • Changing usernames and passwords
  • Copying commands to all users
  • Copying custom words to all users
  • Copying auto-text to all users

We’re excited to be able to supply this add-on product to help businesses to better track their ROI and the benefits of using speech recognition.

Ready to use your voice power?

Do you think that the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app could improve your workflow? Maybe it would be handy for certain tasks?

If you think so, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the product.

dragon anywhere mobile