Philips Digital Voice Recorders

Philips Digital Voice Recorders

With their new digital voice recorder, Philips reshapes the world of professional dictation. And as a Philips Certified Partner, VoicePower is able to supply and support your chosen Philips hardware – including Philips digital voice recorders and dictation software.

Effortless sophistication coupled with the most powerful features that matter to end users allow for robust use and accurate dictation. The Philips 8000 DPM Digital Pocket Memos are produced to seamlessly integrate into a company’s digital workflow to aid efficiency and maximise productivity; both for dictator and transcriptionist.

The main features of the Philips 8000 DPM are:

  • 3D mic system for best audio quality – This technology uses the built-in microphones to always deliver best recording results: an omnidirectional microphone offering 360 degree sound pick up, ideal for the recording of multiple sound sources such as meetings, and an unidirectional microphone optimised for voice recording and accurate speech recognition transcription.
  • Motion sensor – The built-in motion sensor senses when the device is placed on the desk or held in the hand and selects the microphone accordingly to suit the recording situation.  The motion sensor switches automatically into standby mode when the device is idle.  Once the Pocket Memo is picked up again, it’s ready to record within seconds.
  • Wear free slide switch – The quick-response and ergonomic slide switch is designed for single- handed operation of all recording and playback functions, allowing easy and quick file editing (insert, overwrite, append). It operates with a light sensor signal, making it wear-free and durable.
  • Robust and ergonomic design – The asymmetrical and ergonomic shape fits perfectly into your hand.  Its slim and lightweight design maximises comfort, even when working over longer periods of time.  The brushed stainless steel creates a robust and highly durable protective shell around the device.
  • Large high resolution colour display – The large full-colour display offers sharp images, making it easier to see everything at first glance.  The clear user interface is optimised for easy intuitive operation.
  • Classic mode – Many users still love their analogue devices for their simplicity and user-friendliness.  The optional classic mode gives the user the look and feel of working with an analogue device while retaining the advantages of digital technology.
  • Extended battery runtime – The integrated light and motion sensors guarantee extended battery life.  The smart technology adjusts the brightness of the display and switches automatically into standby mode when the device is idle, ensuring that your recorder will always be ready to work when you are.
  • Docking station – The stable and superior docking station provides speedy charging and automatic transfer of your recording to your computer.  With an optional foot control connected, the docking station enables hands-free recording and transcription even without a computer.
  • High data security – Recordings can be encrypted in real time using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES or Rijndael Algorithm) with a key length of 256 bits.  AES provides a very high degree of security and has been approved in the USA for the most highly classified government information.  The device itself can be assigned a PIN code to protect against unathorised use of file playback.
  • Integrated barcode scanner – The 8500 version has an integrated barcode scanner which enables you to link client or patient data to a recorder by simply scanning over a barcode, even from a display.
  • Optional WLAN adapter – Files can easily be uploaded without a PC straight to the network, simplifying and speeding up the dictation workflow. (WLAN adapter ACC8160)
Philips Voice Recorders     Philips Voice RecordersPhilips Voice Recorders


The Philips 8000 DPM Pocket Memo is available as a standalone product along with the docking station where it can be used with the companies’ existing dictating network such as Winscribe or Bighand. It is also available to purchase with the Philips Pro Dictate software.

This software allows you to create a dictation network for your company if you do not already use one. The Pro Dictate software allows for simple user control and complete digital integration which allows a smooth process of dictation management through the easy-to-use software.

The Philips 8000 DPM and SpeechExec Pro Dictate software can be coupled with SpeechExec Pro Transcribe kit (LFH 7277). This kit includes the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe Software and also a foot pedal and headphones. (Peripherals and software can be purchased separately if desired.)


Philips SpeechExec For Smartphones

The Philips Recorder for Smartphones is designed to fit perfectly into the Philips SpeechExec software suite. Recording, editing, and sending dictation files from your Smartphone offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround times.

It is especially useful as you can send dictations from any location in the world which means that you can longer be caught off guard. It facilitates a quick turnaround as you can then send your dictation and push it into the work flow.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use touch screen control for intuitive operation
  • File encryption for maximum security
  • Express Recorder Mode for fast and simple dictation
  • File editing functions for professional recording control
  • Priority setting for processing urgent jobs first
  • Attach photos to your audio files for increased data accuracy
  • Send your dictation files from anywhere in the world
  • Seamless integration into SpeechExec software for productivity on the go
  • File delivery via SpeechExec Mobile Server for increased flexibility





Philips SpeechMike Premium

The Philips SpeechMike is the industry leader in corded microphone dictation. It sets the standard in desktop digital dictation in every way possible. There are several series and models to choose from: the 3200 series, 3300 series and 3500, 3600 series.

3200 Series -The 3200 series of the Philips SpeechMike takes stationary dictation to the next level. It features superior audio quality through enhanced noise cancelling and an integrated soundcard and speaker. This ensures crystal clear playback.

3500 series – the 3500 series of the Philips SpeechMike Premium builds on the foundations the 3200 series provided to become the industry leading stationary dictation device. It features a free floating decoupled microphone for precise recording and a microphone grill with an optimised structure for crystal clear sound. There is also a large playback speaker inbuilt for premium playback. The Philips SpeechMike Premium has been awarded 6 *’s by Nuance for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is Nuance’s highest rating and illustrates the point that the SpeechMike Premium is the perfect companion for Dragon Speech Recognition software.


Philips SpeechMike 3200                                 Philips SpeechMike Premium

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