The Philips SpeechOne Wireless dictation headset was specially designed to meet the needs of those who frequently use speech recognition. The premium decoupled microphone creates crystal-clear recordings. Consequently, the SpeechOne headset is perfect for accurate transcriptions.

This device keeps up professional appearences as well as practicality, with extra comfortable and ergomonic design. The SpeechOne has personalised wearing options, hygienic exchangeable cushions. Hence is is the perfect work companion in offices and hospitals alike.


Superior ergonomics and hygiene

  • Ergonomic design with personalised wearing styles
  • Antimicrobial microphone boom and exchangeable ear cushions
  • Ergonomic remote for quick and easy control


Developed for professionals

  • Convenient docking station for high-speed wireless charging and easy pairing
  • Status light for reducing interruptions
  • Skype support and dedication button for call control




Studio quality microphone


SpeechOne comes with a studio quality microphone and a built-in triple layer noise reduction filter. As a result, the device provides the clearest audio recordings yet.

The professional microphone was designed for dictation, and so you can still dictate in noisy environments. Ultimately, busy offices are not a problem with the SpeechOne headset, as it still creates extremely accurate dictations and transcriptions.



All-day battery life


Benefit from ultra-durable, high performance battery which lasts the entire working day. Enjoy up to 12 hours of non-stop recording. Additionally, the SpeechOne headset can be used with the USB cable, just in case you forget to charge your device.



The SpeechOne headset comes with a stable and innovative docking station. To summarise, it enables wireless charging and easy pairing with your device and the station. To use, simply snap-on the headset (as shown below) for a hassle-free and reliable charge.





The SpeechOne headset with skype


This headset supports Skype calls so that you can comfortably communicate in crystal-clear audio quality. You can accept or reject incoming calls directly on the headset or the docking station. Also, you can adjust the volume using the scroll wheel on the headset.


Less interruption more productivity


Reclaim control over your availability with the Philips SpeechOne headset. Clearly signify to your colleagues whether you are busy or available with the SpeechOne red or green status light. The light automatically turns red when you are using the headset to record or when in a call. Likewise, you can change your status using a button on the docking station.


Take control of your workflow system and reap the benefits of the SpeechOne headset and speech recognition. 



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