Philips SpeechMike Air

The same incredible results with no restrictions...

The SpeechMike Premium has reached new heights of evolution. Now completely wireless, Philips presents their latest innovation in speech-to-text technology. A microphone that allows you to reap the benefits of high quality results without the restraint of a cable.

Above all, this brand new product offers maxim mobility without any compromises. Enjoy the most flexible dictation microphone ever created.


Professional and practical

  • Dark grey pearl metallic surface
  • Antimicrobial coating – working against bacteria in medical environments
  • Customisable buttons
  • Ergonomic design – curated to fit perfectly into the hand



Studio quality microphone…

The SpeechMike Premium Air has a built in, state of the art microphone. Specially engineered to achieve extremely accurate speech recognition results, this sound system is the most advanced yet.


  • Microphone Grille – specially designed hexagonal openings. This structure three times more sound to enter the microphone.
  • Free-floating microphone – guarantees that almost no background touch, click or structure-borne noise is recorded.
  • Microphone Filter – A layer of fleece which filters out sound disruptions.



Wireless charging…

Not only does the SpeechMike Premium Air enable full mobility during dictation, but whilst charging too. The stable docking station provides wireless charging. In addition, it can be paired to its docking station to enable hands-free dictation whilst the product is charging. Ultimately meaning the microphone is at your disposal, ready to dictate whenever you need it.


Up to 24 hours of use – without charge!



The docking station includes a built in, Li-polymer battery. Therefore,  you can dictate without disruption for a 24 hours! Additionally, when your microphone runs out of battery, it can be charged quickly and easily. As well as efficient charging, you will be able to continue working whilst it charges.

Fundamentally, the battery life of the SpeechMike Premium Air will never restrict your working hours.




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