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Philips SpeechMike Premium

The Philips SpeechMike 3200 and Philips SpeechMike Premium 3500 are the pinnacles of stationery dictation.

They comprise years of research and design and are created through the highest levels of engineering to facilitate the most user-friendly experience for the end-user.

The SpeechMike range has a sleek design and innovative features, as well as adaptability, make this device a firm favourite with countless users.

Philips SpeechMike Premium

Features and Benefits of the Philips SpeechMike Premium

Premium Quality

  • New microphone suspension – Best in class recording for highest speech recognition accuracy.
  • Large Speaker Hole Area – enables to playback recordings in crisp and clear quality.
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel trackball – Guarantees a smooth operation over the entire lifetime.

Robust and Reliable

  • Durable Buttons – Guarantee unchanged tactile feeling over the whole lifetime.
  • Double-wall thickness in vulnerable areas – Provides remarkable drop resistance.
  • Detachable cable – For an extended lifetime.
  • Developed for low power USB – Reliable utilisation in all computer environments.
  • Further improved bar code scanner – Extended range and even more robust for heavy-duty use (3600 model only).


  • Optimised front keypad – For blind, intuitive use.
  • Clickable dynamic laser trackball – Ideal for controlling PC applications.
  • Built in playback volume control – Convenient control of audio settings.
  • Ergonomically shaped – Fits perfectly into the hand.
  • Integrated motion sensor – Avoid unintended recordings (e.g. in case of incoming phone calls).
  • Configurable scroll wheel function – can be programmed to conveniently scroll through programs, emails, etc.


  • Four programmable function keys.
  • Reconfigurable buttons – The Philips SpeechMike can be set up to your personal preferences.
  • Works in Citrix environment.

Geared for speech recognition

  • Free-floating, decoupled microphone – Eliminates touch and click background noises.
  • Improved noise-cancelling effect – Reduces disturbing background noise to a minimum.
  • Integrated pop microphone – Perfect results even if dictating close into the microphone.
  • Metal microphone grille with optimised structure – Provides crystal clear recordings.

“I would definitely recommend the SpeechMike to others using Dragon as it is very easy to use and quick to learn how to use it without needing to spend a great deal of time learning the different ways to work it which is a bonus when you are super busy at work.”

Alicia Speed, Emmerson’s Solicitors

The Philips SpeechMike Premium is a class leader in stationary dictation and its unique properties amplify its ability to be used in conjunction with speech recognition software.

As a result of the Philips SpeechMike Premium’s innovative technology that enables it to cancel out more background noise than many competitors.

The free-floating decoupled microphone and in-built pop filter mean that no other handheld microphone picks up speech recognition dictation as clearly.

This has allowed Nuance, the Dragon Naturally Speaking creators, to award this microphone the 6 *’s award.

Philips SpeechMike Premium

Features and Benefits of the Philips SpeechMike

Robust and Reliable

  • Metalised four-position slide switch – provides an elegant and robust look and feel.
  • Durable slider and buttons – guarantees a long lifetime.
  • Doubled wall thickness in vulnerable areas – four times higher drop resistance.
  • Detachable cable – for extended lifetime.
  • Supports low power USB ports – reliable power concept.
  • Improved barcode scanner – for heavy-duty use (separate model).


  • Button design optimized for blind operation – for intuitive use.
  • Slimmer housing shape facilitates use with smaller hands – more support for female users.
  • Clickable dynamic laser trackball – ideal for controlling PC applications.
  • Built in playback volume control – convenient control of audio settings.
  • Pick & drop control– convenient movement of selected parts (text/pictures).


  • Three programmable function keys – make more out of your SpeechMike.
  • Reconfigurable buttons – personalise your SpeechMike to your preferences.
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade possible – less work for administrators.
  • Fit for use in Citrix environments – meets the market requirements for reduced cost of the organisation.

Health and Well-being

  • Antimicrobial housing – perfect for allergic persons and for use in the medical environment.
  • Button layout built on the latest ergonomic findings – for comfortable dictation.
  • Reduced finger movements for heavy-duty dictation – stress less working all-day.

As a Philips Premier Partner, VoicePower Ltd is happy to supply quotes for any of these products, if you would like a quote, arrange a demonstration please get in touch.