Double The Benefits

Industry Specific

Choose from Dragon Professional Anywhere or Dragon Legal Anywhere to pair with SpeechLive to suit your organisation.


Bundle or Standalone

Purchase Dragon with SpeechLive, add it to an existing SpeechLive account or purchase it separately (as of June 2024.)



Use the classic transcription for tasks that need proofreading or editing and Dragon speech recognition for self-sufficient tasks. Furthermore, your organisation can adapt to staff absences, an influx of workload and annual leave as necessary.



Use within 3rd-party applications for maximised efficiency.


Completely Unrestricted

Unlike the 200 free speech-to-text minutes with the SpeechLive solution, the Dragon add-on has no cap to its potential. Dictate as much as you like, when you like!


Personalised Voice Profile

The Dragon add-on will learn your voice and save any settings that you choose. Dragon will also remember corrections and words added to your personal vocabulary.

SpeechLive & Dragon FAQs

Can I try it?

Yes, we’re offering free 14-day trials for up to 10 users! Sign-up here.

Can I buy Dragon on its own through SpeechLive?

Yes! From June 2024.

Can I put existing audio files through the Dragon engine?

Yes, this is called back-end speech recognition and will be possible with the SpeechLive bundle.

How do I purchase the bundle?

You must go through a Philips Partner – Like us!

Can my Dragon license be customised?

Yes! Like a normal Dragon license, Dragon with SpeechLive will remember corrections and words added to the vocabulary (even when being used in the back end!)

Can typists/admin staff use Dragon too?

Yes, they can. However, unlike for the document creator, Dragon for the typist doesn’t remember corrections.


If you have any other questions, please direct them to