Voice Recognition Training: E-Learning Courses


The VoicePower Community is our brand new e-learning portal.

We're taking our traditional courses online in a bid to make voice recognition training more accessible for its users.

The portal gives members access to in-depth training courses, providing them with the means to unleash the full potential of their speech recognition software.


Voice recognition training

The VoicePower Community

The VoicePower Community is an ever-growing resource, with new courses being added continuously.

Furthermore, our courses are representative of various speech technology solutions that we provide at VoicePower including Dragon, Winscribe, Philips Dictation and Olympus.

Each course contains various video modules covering various topics.

Our narrator will guide you through each video covering valuable tips and lessons. As a part of each module, our trainers will conduct a real-life demonstration to ensure the member gets maximum results from the course.

Additionally, portal members gain access to the following:

  • Technical Support Hotline - Use the portal to contact our technical team. See our Product Support page to sign up separately.
  • Course Resources - Helpful infographics, tips and leaflets.
  • FAQ's - Our technical experts have composed answers and solutions for your frequently asked questions.


Dragon Professional Individual

The Dragon Professional Individual course is the very first course in our collection.

Whether you're new to this software manufactured by Nuance Communications, or you've been using it for a while, but not to its full potential, this voice recognition training course is for you.

Consisting of 15 modules, the course will cover the following topics:

  • Microphone set-up and selection
  • Dictation etiquette/skills
  • Correction and editing, including advanced correction procedure
  • DragonBar and functions
  • Automation commands
  • Auto-texts and shortcuts
  • Customising your vocabulary
  • Dragon within Microsoft applications
  • Hands-free operation (if applicable)
  • Command browser
  • Housekeeping and maintenance



Dragon Professional Group

Coming soon!



If you're interested in becoming a member of The VoicePower Community portal or you'd like to find out more, please get in touch.

We'd love to hear from you and have a no-obligation chat about our e-learning and voice recognition training services.



voice recognition training
voice recognition training
voice recognition training