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Strive School Saves 75% of Reporting Time with Dragon Education Software

The founder of Strive For Education Provisional School talks about implementing Dragon Education software for his employees and the impact it has had.

  • Independent Alternative Provision specialises in working with students and young people who do not attend mainstream education on a full-time basis.
  • Opened in 2020.
  • The site has 8 employees, ranging from support staff, pastoral staff and tutors and currently 26 students.
  • The team found that there was a lot of work repetition and an inordinate amount of time spent writing reports.
  • Members of staff were using Microsoft Word documents for their report writing.
  • 75% less time spent on reporting!
  • Staff are now able to spend more time supporting students after school and complete other tasks with greater importance. Dragon has allowed Strive to start up a parental engagement programme with their combined saved time.
  • The team would recommend using VoicePower to other educational establishments.

About Strive for Education

Since opening in September 2020, Strive has created a great learning space with a growing community of 8 employees, ranging from support staff, pastoral staff, tutors and 26 students.

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire they specialise in working with students and young people who do not attend mainstream education on a full-time basis.

“I founded Strive to make a difference to those who need additional support to access their learning.” – Andy Brown, Founder



“Inordinate Amount” of Typing is The Final Straw for Strive

When speaking with Founder and education enthusiast Andy Brown, he highlighted the amount of time that his team were spending on typing up documentation to be the deciding factor in looking for a more efficient process.

Using Microsoft Word for most of their reporting, Andy explained that the team were spending a lot of time typing up their notes in order to create accurate and concise documentation:

“We were finding that there was a lot of work repetition with support staff and tutors spending an inordinate amount of time writing reports to send to home schools, parents, and professional services.” – Andy Brown, Founder

Strive knew that there must be a quicker and more efficient way of carrying out these tasks, and that’s when they reached out to VoicePower Ltd.


From Inquiry to Implementation

As well as both Strive and VoicePower Ltd being a local business to Harrogate, Andy was recommended the speech recognition experts by a local educational establishment that uses VoicePower as part of their support for some SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities) students.

After reaching out to the VoicePower team, Andy explained:

“We initially met over Microsoft Teams, and during this meeting, we explained how we currently work, what the main areas we wanted to develop were and what we wanted to achieve by adopting speech-to-text.” – Andy Brown, Founder

Taking Andy and his team through our Workflow Consultancy process, VoicePower were able to attain an understanding of the school’s requirements and understand what their new solution would be used for.

“VoicePower were excellent at listening to us and really understanding how their systems could meet our objectives. They didn’t try to convince us to use software we didn’t need and were very bespoke in what they suggested. They presented us with a couple of options that would best suit our needs and explained how they would be implemented.” – Andy Brown, Founder

After the discovery meeting and exploring their options, VoicePower identified Dragon Professional Anywhere as the best option for Strive.

Dragon Professional Anywhere is one of Nuance’s cloud-based offerings making it extremely lightweight and easy to install as well as having an incredible speech recognition engine. Find out more about this version in this short video:




Set-Up, Support and Getting Started

Thanks to VoicePower’s support and training services, Strive was supported every step of the way, as Andy confirms:

“VoicePower were extremely helpful, proficient and professional in helping us through the consultation process and then implementing the software. They provided basic training to our staff and were always on the end of the phone or email when we needed support.” – Andy Brown, Founder

Our extensive range of Dragon training courses is essential when aiming to achieve the best results possible with speech recognition. Carried out remotely and 1-2-1 with the users, the sessions are convenient and lead to an improved adoption rate.

“Although we are only using some basic dictation software and template creations, the training was professional, efficient and relevant. VoicePower also helped set up our report writing templates that we are using.” – Andy Brown, Founder


Dragon Professional Anywhere logo


Strive’s Verdict on The Dragon Education Tool

With the set-up and training complete, we can now get to the important bit: The results! All Strive staff members are now using the Dragon software, be that for emails and general letters, however, according to Andy “It’s the people who write daily reports for students that report a huge saving in time.”

“We have found that it saves a lot of time with typing and quickly creates what we are after without having to spend hours on it after a full day of teaching/support. VoicePower helped set up our report writing templates that we are using.” – Andy Brown, Founder

Most importantly, Andy explains how the team have found using speech recognition software, confirming that: “The feedback from staff has been positive and they are much happier spending more time supporting students and families and less time sat in front of a laptop.”

What’s more, Andy has been able to track their progress since using the software and identify a tangible saving:

“We have estimated that reports are now taking 75% less time than they were previously. This has improved as staff got familiar with the software and how the templates are created and saved.” – Andy Brown, Founder

This incredible time saving is down to Dragon’s ability to create words 3x faster than typing which also allows users to capture more detail in their case notes. Andy agrees, explaining: “Staff are now able to spend more time supporting students after school and complete other tasks with greater effectiveness.”

However, improved efficiency and time savings aren’t the only improvements that Dragon has generated, Andy also confirms:

“Dragon has allowed us to start up our parental engagement programme with our combined saved time.” – Andy Brown

Now that is what we call a success!


Dragon is “Great Value For Money!”

In short, Strive has seen incredible results with Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition, summarising their experience with VoicePower as “Incredible throughout.”

Speaking on VoicePower’s Dragon technical support service, Andy explains:

“Due to effective implementation, we rarely needed support, but when we did, VoicePower were there for us.” – Andy Brown, Founder

Finally, when asked for any further comments on their journey from typing to Dragon education use, we asked Andy and the Strive team whether they had any further comments and well, the rest speaks for itself:

“Dragon is great value for money and we are very pleased with the outcomes. We would recommend using VoicePower to other educational establishments who have similar administration needs to ourselves.” – Andy Brown, Founder

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