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Clinical Documentation Software is “Fantastic” says Plastic Surgeon

Anne Dancey, also known as Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Ltd, has a team of two secretaries, a practice manager, a plastic surgery nurse specialist, a lymphoedema nurse specialist and a clinical psychologist, however, Anne wanted a more efficient process and way of linking her team.

  • Anne Dancey, trading as Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Ltd (AAS) is a plastic surgeon practice based in Birmingham.
  • Anne’s team is made up of Plastic Surgeon Anne Dancey, two secretaries, a practice manager, a plastic surgery nurse specialist, a lymphoedema nurse specialist and a clinical psychologist.
  • The surgery treats 1,000 clinical and operating patients.
  • Anne was dictating the clinical documentation with a voice recorder and writing a summary for her secretary to type up, there was no dictation software in place.
  • This was time-consuming and led to a delay in turnaround times.
  • Typing was a significant portion of the secretaries’ days and for the modern age, was an onerous task.
  • The secretaries were also unable to see to patient-facing tasks because they were busy typing.
  • Anne has used Dragon Medical software for nearly two years.
  • There is an uptick in secretaries’ morale and the practice enjoys the economies from better efficiency with time.
  • The new system is more reliable, accurate and faster equating to a better patient experience.

Anne Dancey


About Anne Dancey

Anne is based in Birmingham and has a large practice with patients travelling long distances for their service.

Processing 1000 clinical and operating patients a year, the surgery specialises in a range of plastic surgeries. This includes such as breast reconstruction, rehabilitative liposuction, vascularised lymph node transfer and popular aesthetic procedures.

Trading as Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Ltd, Anne is supported by two secretaries, a practice manager, a plastic surgery nurse specialist, a lymphoedema nurse specialist and a clinical psychologist.

Transcription Gets The Cut


Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Ltd was transcribing their clinical documentation. Anne would use a voice recorder to document the notes however, the surgery had no software to pair with the recorder to transfer the dictation files.

“I used to dictate letters and write down a summary for my secretaries. The dictations would then be sent to my secretaries to type up the letters.” – Anne Dancey

Without the means to upload the audio files and send them to the relevant typist, Anne and her team quickly found flaws in their old workflow.

“Not only was this time-consuming with a delay, but as you can imagine, it was a significant portion of my secretaries’ days and they disliked typing the dictation!” – Anne Dancey

As with every private healthcare provider, her team’s time is extremely valuable and they were aware that it could be used more effectively.

Anne concurs, expressing: “Not only was I paying for their time, but they were unable to answer patient queries concurrent to whilst they were dictating, and the dictation process would take considerably longer.”


Changing Clinical Documentation for The Better

With the acknowledgement that something needed to change, Anne and her team found workflow consultancy experts VoicePower Ltd.

VoicePower is a team of speech recognition and dictation experts who have worked closely with healthcare professionals for over 20 years.

Working with the likes of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, Manchester Fertility Clinic and many more, VoicePower knows a thing or two about transforming medical organisations for the better. Therefore, when Anne and her team reached out to The Speech Recognition People, they were very excited to help.

As always, VoicePower took Anne and her team through their Workflow Consultancy Service to better understand the surgery. They listened to Anne’s requirements and daily tasks, as well as their goals for the future.

Upon careful consideration, VoicePower recommended Dragon Medical as the perfect solution for Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Ltd.


Dragon Medical: From Typing to Speaking

Unlike Anne’s voice recorder, Dragon speech recognition offers the guarantee of instantaneous reporting. No longer will Anne need to dock her voice recorder to upload the files for transcription; in fact, there is no transcription!

With Dragon Medical speech recognition, Anne can simply dictate into her Nuance PowerMic microphone and the words will appear on her screen in real time!

“I was advised that Dragon was a very good system and is used by my lymphoedema nurse specialist, as well as some of my surgeon colleagues.” – Anne Dancey

It wasn’t long before Anne herself realised the benefits of Dragon, as she explains:

“It is fantastic! It has improved our patient experience with how quickly the letter is sent to them. It has made a difference in my secretaries morale as well as the financial and productivity savings!” – Anne Dancey

As most of our Dragon clients have found out, Anne’s secretarial staff are now able to focus on more important, patient-facing tasks.

Furthermore, the new way of capturing clinical documentation also means that the notes are more detailed which also contributes to a better patient experience.


Expert Support and Training is 10/10

Anne and her team ensured a successful deployment of Dragon Medical because they invested in VoicePower’s technical support and training package.

“The support I have received via the helpline has been second to none. My enquiries are answered immediately, no matter what the time of day it is. The problems are solved there and then – Even when abroad in awkward time zones!” – Anne Dancey

Furthermore, Anne tells how the training taught her valuable skills such as adding to the vocabulary of Dragon:

“There is a learning curve when Dragon learns the vocabulary that you use but this is fairly short, and you can add to the words if the software does not recognise anything.” – Anne Dancey

Their professional services such as workflow consultancy, training and support are what sets VoicePower aside from their competitors. They’re not your average box-shifter, they support their clients every step of the way.

The Advanced Aesthetic Surgery team agree as Anne confesses:

“I was so happy with the service and the demonstration that I did not look at other providers in nearly as much detail. Matt Hartley has been absolutely amazing and made the support and training user-friendly – 10 out of 10.” – Anne Dancey

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