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Allied Surveyor’s Workflow “Revolutionised” by Dragon Speech

Allied Surveyors is a company of RICS surveyors and valuers covering all postcode areas across England and Wales. They currently have 100 surveyors to service client instructions, with a central office in Bristol to provide a centralised point of contact for their clients.

Allied Surveyors is one of the largest independent companies in the UK and specialises in residential investment property from BTLs, complex HMOs and commercial assets.

We caught up with Simon Jago, Managing Director at Allied Surveyors, to learn about their experience with speech recognition.

A team of RICS surveyors and valuers covering all postcode areas across England and Wales. Allied Surveyors are extremely well established, with 100 surveyors currently in the business to service all client requirements. One of the largest independent companies in the UK.

There was no centralised process: some offices had administration staff for typing, other offices used remote typing services, some were using older versions of Dragon, and the remaining sites had nothing in place. The existing Dragon users at the firm weren’t using it to its full potential.

Allied Surveyors now have 7 users of the latest version of Dragon speech recognition. Dragon has “revolutionised” the way the team works, with one user even being able to compensate for an admin assistant leaving. The new way of working has hugely optimised their workflow and the software has integrated well with their external systems.

Fighting the Administrative Burden

For a number of years, Allied Surveyors have tried various methods for processing their documentation and administrative workload.

“There were offices with administration staff for typing, other offices were utilising remote typing services, some were using older versions of Dragon, and the remaining had no electronic system in operation.” – Simon Jago, Managing Director

This variety of workflow processes meant that it was difficult for the teams to communicate with each other. More so, every office had different requirements and needs.

Naturally, the different documentation methods allowed for varying turnaround times and backlogs to work through.

Simon knew that a uniform system and process for all would lead to greater efficiency and ease for all staff but as an evidently overwhelming task, the firm sought external expertise through VoicePower Ltd to find a solution.


Taking Dragon Speech Recognition Seriously

Having worked with VoicePower Ltd for all of their Dragon needs, the Allied Surveyors Leeds office invited the speech recognition experts to their annual general meeting in November 2022.

It was here that Simon Jago and the rest of his team from the Bristol Headquarters witnessed a talk and live demonstration from VoicePower Director, Vicky Humberstone.

Impressed with the accuracy, speed and versatility of Dragon Professional Anywhere, Simon’s office had a free trial, purchased their licenses and were up and running within 10 short days of the event.


Revolutionising Their Workflow

6 months down the line Simon and his team are using Dragon speech software for many of their daily tasks:

“We use it for report writing, emails, and for creating content on our Rightmove Surveyor Comparable Tool system for every valuation.” – Simon Jago, Managing Director

Furthermore, Simon explains that “the completion of our company documents and systems has been hugely optimised following the implementation of the Dragon system.”

Allied Surveyors understood the importance of the support and assistance from their supplier, VoicePower Ltd. They invested in 1-2-1 training for their users and ongoing professional support.

“The support is excellent. We have some bespoke industry software for all work we process, so having support on hand from Paul (Professional Services Manager), to resolve any incompatibility issues was extremely beneficial.” – Simon Jago, Managing Director

As with many other VoicePower clients, acknowledging the need for expert guidance and advice is the key to great results and ROI.

In fact, these results often go deeper than business metrics, they impact user’s working day’s so much that they actually impact their lives, as Simon explains here:

“From speaking to colleagues in the field, including one specific user who lost a member of his administration team recently, Dragon Speech revolutionised the way he works so much that he is self-sufficient and works without any administrative support each day.” – Simon Jago, Managing Director


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