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  • Law firm established over 150 years ago
  • A total of four offices in the South Lakes area


  • A number of secretaries due to retire soon
  • Slower turnaround time
  • A backlog of emails and letters


  • Quicker and more efficient turnaround time of letters and thus a reduction in the backlog of workflow
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Founded in the 19th century, Thomson Hayton Winkley is one of the largest legal practice in the South Lakes area and is held in very high regard within the local area.

Specialising in commercial & residential property, probate, employment, personal injury, family law, and agricultural law, the company has a vast and extensive array of clients.

Joining The Movement

Hayton Winkley had been VoicePower customers for many years, and first tried our speech recognition in the 1990’s! The company initially decided against it and went on to expand their business in 2013 by merging with another company and became Thomson Hayton Winkley. During this time, they widely embraced digital dictation, supplied, installed and supported by VoicePower.

More recently, THW became aware that some of their secretaries were due to retire soon, which could disrupt their administrative system.

The legal professionals are also aware that the new and younger fee earners, who have recently joined them, tend to have more keyboard skills and therefore have less need of traditional secretarial support.

They simply wanted to ‘future proof’ themselves so that in the future when secretaries retire, they will not need to replace them. As Dragon speech recognition may allow the Fee Earners to work with less secretarial support, Thomson Hayton Winkley were keen to take another look at speech recognition.

Dragon legal

Expert Advice

As existing loyal customers of VoicePower, Thomson Hayton Winkley met with us to explore the options available with speech recognition.

VoicePower introduced the firm to Dragon Professional Group and provided them with secretarial Notifier software, and also the training and support package.

Dragon Professional Group is ideal for multiple users within an organisation, and so Thomson Hayton Winkley were a fitting candidate for this version due to their multiple offices and employees.

The Impact

Thomson Hayton Winkley believe that the Dragon speech recognition software and workflow system can aid efficiency –  the Fee Earners are able to dictate their own emails and other simple documents through Dragon, and they affirm that this has contributed to a more resourceful and self-dependant service.

Fee Earners are able to respond and carry out tasks independently, which has resulted in a quicker and generally improved service.

Reliable Service and Training

Although the latest versions of Dragon are equipped to create a detailed voice profile, VoicePower still firmly support the investment of time and practice with the software.

Thomson Hayton Winkley appreciated this factor and claimed that:

“VoicePower’s implementation and support of the solution has been excellent.”

Thomson Hayton Winkley

The company also highlighted that “VoicePower are very happy to work with our IT support company to organise and deploy the software“, which demonstrates the ongoing support that we provide with speech recognition software.

As a result, Thomson Hayton Winkley praise VoicePower’s reliability and have committed to supplying speech recognition to further Fee Earners if they wish.

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