Medical Speech Recognition is a Good Investment For East Parade Surgery

Medical Speech Recognition

Site Profile

  • Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
  • 1 site consisting of 20 employees.
  • 7,800 patients.
  • In practice for over 50 years.


  • Reduce the workload of the doctors.
  • Improve the efficiency of the practice as a whole.
  • Find a better way to make consultation notes, detailed referrals, produce reports and letters and process the hundreds of documents, results and enquiries.

Achievements with Medical Speech Recognition

  • Dragon speech recognition is now used to create notes, record clinical consultations and email communication.
  • The team confirms that Dragon Medical Speech Recognition was a good investment for the practice.
  • Improved quality of life for GP’s.
Medical Speech Recognition

Life Before Dragon Medical Speech Recognition

East Parade Surgery used traditional dictation methods around ten years ago.

The team stopped using this solution in 2011 and went back to manual typing of consultations, letter and reports.

However, they wanted to find something to improve the productivity of the whole team, not just the ones who could type well!

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our GP’s workloads and to be more efficient.

Elaine Turner, Practice Management.

Finding Their VoicePower

East Parade Surgery decided to reach out to The Speech Recognition People and training experts: VoicePower Ltd.

After assessing their workflow system and discussing the needs and objectives of the practice, VoicePower recommended Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 speech recognition solution.

With an inbuilt medical vocabulary and compatibility with SystmOne EPR System, this version is the perfect fit for East Parade Surgery.

Watch Dr.Dilley from East Parade Surgery record a patient consultation with Dragon Medical Speech Recognition.

Dragon Medical combines more than sixty medical speciality and subspecialty vocabularies with acoustic models based on the unique way clinicians speak.

When users are trained correctly, medical professionals can save up to an hour per day and create documentation three times faster than if they were typing.

Doctors in Training

All 6 of GP’s at the surgery are now using Dragon Medical speech recognition and opted into the VoicePower training to ensure they got off to the best start.

The sessions were helpful and the trainers understood the GP’s needs to a good level.

Elaine Turner, Practice Management.

The training sessions are key to maximising investment and improving productivity.

The sessions are tailored to each user and designed to equip staff with the knowledge to achieve their objectives.

The trainers were friendly, approachable and demonstrated how to use the software effectively.

Elaine Turner, Practice Management.

But what impact has the solution and training had on East Parade Surgery? Let’s find out!

Medical Speech Recognition

Medical Speech Recognition – The Outcome

The team are now fully up and running and using Dragon Medical speech recognition for all clinical consultations, writing referral letters, detailed reports, and documenting phone consultations.

The software is also occasionally used for emails and non-clinical work.

Dragon helps me when I have lots of letters and clinical notes to make. Dictation is quicker than typing and also makes a change from using the keyboard all day.

Doctor, East Parade Surgery.

Most importantly, the team have agreed that the quality of their clinical documentation has improved.

Dragon Medical has reduced litigation risk as documents are clearer and the histories are more detailed; This offers us protection for the future.

Doctor, East Parade Surgery.

Furthermore, East Parade Surgery was glad to have VoicePower’s support team to turn to with any problems.

The team said that the support was “readily available” and the support team were “quick to respond” to any technical issues or questions.

The software has improved the quality of life of our GP’s, it was a good investment for the practice.

Elaine Turner, Practice Management.

Medical Speech Recognition
Medical Speech Recognition

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Medical Speech Recognition