Saving Time with Winscribe Digital Dictation


Digital dictation systems can vary significantly, even though on the surface of it they are all called 'digital dictation'. The way the systems are used can significantly limit your 'digital' benefits too.

But not all digital dictation is the same!

Winscribe digital dictation is now part of the Nuance suite of products alongside Dragon and other market-leading products, this will open up fantastic opportunities for the adoption of speech within businesses.


  • Short introduction
  • Winscribe digital dictation product demonstration.

Why attend?

During the 30 minute webinar, I will demonstrate the Winscribe digital dictation system, showing how it works, what it offers your company and make recommendations for dictation workflow. Depending upon the dictation system which you currently use you may be able to implement my tips into your own companies, equally, this may lead you to understand the limitations of your current dictation system.

If you have invested in digital dictation technology and you wish to understand how to get the most out of it you should attend our free webinar.

Who is VoicePower Ltd.?

Established in 1993, VoicePower has been supplying speech recognition solutions and dictation products for more than 25 years. Our certified trainers are highly skilled in applying the power of speech to innovate productivity, accessibility and data input in organisations through leading-edge speech technology that will give you back time whilst making you more efficient.  VoicePower is a Nuance Premier partner supplying Dragon speech recognition and Winscribe digital dictation. VoicePower is also an Olympus and Philips dictation partner.


Winscribe digital dictation


Sonja Brown - Director


30 mins