The Employers Guide to Flexible Working


Home-working - A word that we didn't hear half as much until the year 2020. COVID changed many aspects regarding the way that businesses do things, one of which is flexible working: Working either from an office as normal, or from home.

Employers were given less than a days notice to convert to a fully remote workforce - A tricky task by any means! A year later, it seems clear that home-working is here to stay, but some business still aren't providing their staff with an effective, ergonomic set-up.

In this webinar, we'll be joined by ergonomic experts: Homework who will be providing an insight into how employers can support their staff whilst they work from the office or remotely. Furthermore, Homework will be discussing some real-life case studies and where they went wrong.

Lastly, Sonja will be highlighting the way in which Dragon speech recognition can be an effective tool both in and out of the office, providing seamless integration and an readily accessed workflow system.


  • Homeworking during the pandemic and the attitudes of employees/employers (removal of product and price increase)
  • The risks of implementing home-working without proper home/hybrid policies in place as well as legal obligations of employers
  • What employers should be doing for their employees in terms of home working set-ups.
  • How Dragon speech recognition can be incorporated into flexible working.
  • Ergonomic uses of Dragon speech recognition.
  • A live demo of Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Why attend?

Maybe your business is new to the remote-working life, or you may want to promote a healthy working space - Either way this webinar will demonstrate how you can achieve a happy and healthy workspace, no matter where it is!

You should attend this webinar if you're interested in creating healthy work habits, taking better care of yourself and your team.


Who is VoicePower Ltd?

Established in 1993, VoicePower has been supplying speech recognition solutions and dictation products for more than 25 years.

Our certified trainers are highly skilled in applying the power of speech to innovate productivity, accessibility and data input in healthcare organisations through leading-edge speech technology that will give you back time whilst making you more efficient. Our training services also provide you with CPD credits (Continued Professional Development).


Dragon Professional Software


Sonja Brown - Director


Homework - Ergonomic experts


45 minutes


18th May 2021 - 12 PM