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Is your dictation process GDPR compliant?

Book a free consultancy call with us to establish how GDPR compliant your current dictation processes are.  We will listen to what you currently do and advise where this could be improved to ensure that your dictation is compliant with GDPR legislations.

Methods which are unlikely to be compliant include –

  • Analogue tape based systems
  • Those using free apps on SmartPhones
  • Those using digital dictation with no security or encryption facilities
  • No methods to handle confidential dictation

If your company relies on dictation for the creation of documentation don’t let this process be the one that let’s you down in your preparations for GDPR.

Consultancy calls will be booked at a time convenient with yourselves, contact VoicePower either by clicking here or calling 01423 870 476 to book a slot.