The Winscribe User Guide: Features You Should Be Using

Winscribe dictation software by Nuance is an amazing tool that is being used by businesses all over the country.

As you’ve made it to this page, we’re guessing you’re one of them!

So, you’ve got your new dictation software, but what on earth do you do next?

Keep reading for our ultimate Winscribe User Guide where we explain some amazing features that you need to utilise!

winscribe user guide

Advanced Workflows

First up in our Winscribe User Guide is the advanced workflow feature.

Winscribe dictation allows it’s users to route specific jobs to specific employees.

For example, if secretaries Karen and Liz do all of the Family Law jobs, all of the relevant dictations can be sent to them directly.

Needless to say, this is extremely efficient as it stops the secretaries sieving through all jobs to find the ones their meant to be doing.

The advanced workflow feature is also intelligent enough to deliberate which secretary is free to type the job.

Let’s say that Karen is off sick today, Winscribe will automatically send the jobs to Liz to ensure they aren’t missed or left uncompleted.

How handy is that? We highly recommend using this amazing feature.

winscribe user guide

Request Approval

Another amazing Winscribe feature is the ability to request approval of a document.

You know how it goes, the author dictates the audio file, they send it to the secretary, they type it up and then it goes back to the author for their approval before sending.

Winscribe has a post type review alert on the dictation file and alerts the author that the document is waiting for review after typing.

Lastly, the author will go to their case management system or a document sharing facility to view the completed file and check it.

Why is this helpful?

It’s helpful because it saves the secretary emailing the author or even printing it off to show them physically in some cases!

The author will simply see the ‘post type review’ notification and can complete the authorisation immediately.

Make sure you have this feature in place if you’d like to save a lot of back and forth!

Winscribe user guide

Confidential Jobs

You may be using Winscribe solution within a law firm, estate agents or financial services company, either way, confidentiality is important in any businesses.

This feature makes confidential dictations stay that way; it’s for documents from internal HR, for example, that require typing by certain grade secretaries and are not to be seen by everyone in the typing pool.

Within the authors portal, they can select specific people that are able to view that dictation and if you’re not on that list, you’re not getting in!

Winscribe user guide

Productivity Reporting

Management and administrators are able to view the amount of time that the typists have spent working on dictations.

Furthermore, they can also see the number of jobs completed.

This is particularly beneficial from a project management perspective as the team can keep on top of their use of the system.

That completes our Winscribe User Guide, I hope you’ve learned something new about the softwares capability.

More importantly, we hope it has inspired you to use Winscribe more productively and with it’s full potential!

If you have any questions regarding how to use any of the above features, please get in touch or check out our Winscribe training courses.

Our technical team will be more than happy to help you get the best results with Winscribe.

October 26, 2020
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