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Sembly AI Multi-Person Transcription Software

78% of workers believe that their meeting schedules are chaotic (Otter AI) – With the different personalities, loaded agendas and rushed minute taking, it’s no wonder!

However, meetings are an essential part of the running of any business, they’re a great way to collaborate on ideas, check-in with your colleagues and ultimately meet your business goals. That being said, they can also be the be the bane of your working life. Not anymore.

Sembly AI is smart technology that captures your meeting minutes so you don’t have to. It records, transcribes and generates meeting summaries so that your team never misses a trick.

How does it work?

Sembly AI

Choose your desired Philips meeting speaker

There are three Philips hardware devices to choose from, the Philips SmartMeeting Bluetooth speakerphone, the SmartMeeting Bluetooth portable, or the SmartMeeting 360° Audio Video Cam.

Depending on your requirements, our team of experts will advise you on which speaker will be the best fit to pair with the Sembly AI software.

Invite Sembly to your meeting

Include the software in your meeting invite with a dedicated Sembly email address and have your chosen hardware present too, it will then know to record at the allotted time.

*Popular meeting facilities are fully compatible with Sembly AI, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

Away you go

Sembly AI will then record the meeting, transcribe the contents and then generate the document and actionable points. Your team will then have a write-up of what was discussed and a plan for going forward.

A great benefit of Sembly is that if you are meeting with participants that do not have the software, you are still able to share the meeting minutes and action points with them, allowing them to either view or edit the documents.

Most importantly, Sembly AI is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant and is hosted on Google servers within the USA so your data is safe and sound.

Not only that, but your transcriptions are fully encrypted both in-transit and in destination to ensure their upmost protection.

Sound like something that could be useful to you? Get in touch for more information. It’s time to focus less on the practicalities and more on the content.

Boost productivity and create amazing ideas with Sembly AI.