The Nuance PowerMic 4

Introducing the PowerMic 3’s successor: The Nuance PowerMic 4 microphone.

With the same plug-in-and-play USB connectivity and flexible mouse function, the device still has user-favourite features that make it one of the top microphones for speech recognition.

However, the manufacturers at Nuance have worked hard to improve various aspects of the microphone to ensure the best possible results for its users and with Dragon speech recognition.

Let’s take a look at what these new features are…

PowerMic 4
PowerMic 4

Improved microphone quality

The PowerMic 4 has new and improved unidirectional noise cancellation quality making the audio even clearer and more accurate. Furthermore, the microphone has a new high-pass filter that eliminates electrical interference. The new device also has a 30% larger pointing area so it can pick up sound more easily.

Additional programmable buttons

As mentioned above, the programmable buttons are a key feature that sets the PowerMic above other models. This is exactly why Nuance have added a further two buttons that users can customise to suit their needs and workflow.


The PowerMic 4 has a new magnetic mount on the back of the device – This is to allow users, mainly of the legal profession, to mount the device where they wish. This could be in their car, on the screen etc and provides the user with the option to be hands-free.

Please note: The magnet on which the device will be mounted is not included with the purchase of the device, only the magnet on the device itself is.

Additional trigger button

The button on the back of the microphone, also known as the trigger button, was a popular feature on the PowerMic 3 and so the PowerMic 4 has been created to have two of them. These buttons are used to…

powermic 4

The Nuance PowerMic 4 and Dragon speech recognition

An important thing to note about the PowerMic 4 model is that it is supported by a few Dragon speech recognition versions, including Dragon Medical One, Dragon Professional Anywhere and the DMO SpeechKit.

If you have any of the following versions, we recommend using the PowerMic 3 model instead.

  • Dragon Professional Individual
  • Dragon Professional Group
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition

If you’d like to find out more about the PowerMic 4, please get in touch. Equally, if you’d like a price for this product, we’d be more than happy to send over a quote – Simply click the button below to request yours today.

Check out our guide to setting up your microphone quickly and easily with Dragon speech recognition.

powermic 4