Plantronics Dictation Headsets

Plantronics produce many different kinds of microphones from wired to wireless.

Plantronics microphones are widely used in many offices throughout the world.

Not only are they comfortable, but they are also proven to stand up to the rigours of daily work life.

The Plantronics Microphones are the ideal microphone partner for Dragon speech recognition if you are wanting to use a wired or wireless device.

Furthermore, they score very highly on the Dragon accuracy scale.

The dictation microphones received the highest rating of 6 stars.

his illustrates that they are the perfect partner to Dragon in the office as they are durable, comfortable and offer fantastic noise-cancelling capabilities.

Plantronics Microphone Models

There are three core models to the Plantronics dictation headset microphone range.

These are the wired devices, wireless devices and multifunction wireless devices.

Plantronics Dictation Headset

Plantronics Blackwire 500 Series

The Plantronics Blackwire 500 Series is the premium wired headset series in the Plantronics microphone range.

There are two offerings of this headset: the monaural (Blackwire C510) and the binaural (Blackwire C520).

The Blackwire 500 Series has the following features:

  • Smart Sensor Technology – Experience industry-standard Smart Sensor Technology that allows you to answer the phone by just putting the headset on.
  • The Blackwire 500 series offers PC Wideband technology, excellent noise cancelling abilities and stereo sound (only on the binaural C520 model). The Blackwire 500 series offers an outstanding user experience that makes it ideal for many functions such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Webinars and conference calls. The dynamic EQ technology also adjusts your voice when on calls as opposed to voice recognition.
  • All-day comfort thanks to cushioned ear pads and a lightweight cushioned headband. The headset also comes with a high-quality carry case for ease of storage and portability.
Plantronics Dictation Headset

Plantronics Savi 440

The Plantronics Savi 440 is widely regarded within the industry as one of the best wireless headsets to undertake speech recognition with.

The Savi 440 series is the only PC based wireless system with DECT technology which allows for unrivalled flexibility, portability, range and audio quality that is required for today’s modern office.

The Plantronics Savi 440 connects to the PC by a USB adapter, rather than the base unit.

This makes the W440 extremely mobile and explains the inclusion of a USB charger for the headset and a hard carry case in the boxed contents.

The W440 is a high-quality wireless microphone intended to be as mobile as possible, rather than tying the user down to a desk position.

Main features:

  • Noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise interruptions, ensuring great audio quality.
  • Mute Button.
  • Lightest DECT wireless headset on the market.
  • Up to 100m range.
  • An energy-efficient adaptive power system delivers longer talk and standby times.
  • Up to 7 hours talk time.
  • Outstanding Audio Quality.
  • DECT technology provides better audio; eliminates interference from Wi-Fi networks.
  • Advanced wideband audio using CAT-IQ technology for high definition voice quality.
  • Suitable for use with speech recognition, VoIP and softphone applications.
  • Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides a more natural-sounding voice.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

Accessories for the Savi 440:

  • Deluxe charging cradle – charges headset and spare battery (includes cradle & battery)
  • Deluxe USB charging kit – charges headset and spare battery (includes cradle & battery)
Plantronics Dictation Headset

Plantronics Savi W700 Series

The Savi W700 Series is the pinnacle of the Plantronics microphone range.

The series offers the user the ability to integrate this headset with up to 3 other devices. For example, a mobile phone (via Bluetooth), PC and PC Softphone (via USB) and also your office phone.

This allows efficiency within the office or workplace as you can switch between functions with the touch of a button.

The Savi W700 Series of the Plantronics dictation headset offers best in class audio quality and for Dragon speech recognition users it allows dictation at the PC and use of the telephone without the need to switch or remove headsets.

Main features:

  • Three-way connectivity between PC, mobile phone and office phone
  • Automatically routes audio to whichever device you pick up.
  • Energy-efficient adaptive power system optimises for range and talk time.
  • Lightest DECT headset on the market.
  • Hot-swappable battery.
  • High definition voice quality thanks to CAT-IQ advanced wideband audio.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise interruptions.
  • More natural voice sounds through enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Recommended accessories:

  • Deluxe charging cradle kit – charges headset and spare battery (includes cradle and battery).
  • Deluxe USB charging kit – charges headset and spare battery (includes cradle and battery).
Plantronics Microphones

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