Philips AirBridge

Due to the popular demand of our clients, Philips has launched the AirBridge, a wireless adapter with the aim to make stationary dictation mobile.

Dictation users were previously bound to their desks whilst dictating, until now. Now, AirBridge users enjoy the security and accessibility of their dictations.

The Philips SpeechMike Premium Air or SpeechOne headset can be paired with the AirBridge to ensure the security and accessibility of their dictations.

With this brand new device, the switching from stationary and mobile use is seamless.

Simply pair either the SpeechOne or SpeechMike Premium Air with the AirBridge to enjoy the freedom of dictating on the go.

Lossless audio is a thing of the past as users can transfer dictations to their PC with the AirBridge. Every word is captured.

Philips AirBridge

Lossless Audio and Transmission

Philips AirBridge

The cutting edge technology of the AirBridge ensures that every word is captured securely.

Users enjoy up to five meters of wireless connectivity alongside your SpeechOne or SpeechMike Premium Air.

Robust audio streaming technology reduces the risk of dropouts of unwanted noise within the specified range.

Quick and Easy Pairing

Philips AirBridge

Following a 3 second pairing period, automatic re-connection allows for uninterrupted dictation and seamless integration. Ultimately meaning you can switch between devices seamlessly.

Additionally, a green or red light signals connectivity.

Plug and Play Mobility

Philips AirBridge

It’s simple, plug it in and play! Connect your Philips AirBridge to the same computer you’re using to dictating and begin.

Thanks to the wireless connectivity, the device allows you to dictate freely without the worry of many wires and cables.

Recordings are safely transmitted to your computer in the highest quality, without interruptions.

FAQ: Philips AirBridge

Q: Do I need to install any new driver software to use the Philips AirBridge with my SpeechOne/SpeechMike Premium Air?
A: Since the AirBridge is fully plug-and-play you don’t need to install any new driver software. Only if a firmware upgrade of the AirBridge is needed users should use the latest SpeechControl 4.2 software

Q: Does Automatic reconnect work with my current SpeechOne?
A: No, to use the automatic reconnect feature you need to upgrade your SpeechOne firmware to version 5.22 or later.

Q: Can I use my current SpeechMike Premium Air with the Philips AirBridge?
A: Yes, but you need to upgrade your SpeechMike Premium Air firmware to version 4.60 or later.

Q: Will my SpeechOne/SpeechMike Premium Air settings be available on the other computer?
A: Yes, the settings are stored on the SpeechOne/SpeechMike Premium Air, so they are automatically applied to any computer that the SpeechOne/SpeechMike Premium Air is connected via the AirBridge.

Pairing FAQ’s

Q: Do I need to pair my SpeechOne/SpeechMike Premium Air with my AirBridge after I have charged it in the docking station?
A: No, due to the automatic-reconnect function a manual pairing operation is not required after an initial pairing has been done before.

Q: What does it mean if the AirBridge shows an orange light?
A: If a constant orange light is displayed, the AirBridge is paired with a SpeechMike Premium Air/SpeechOne device. However, there is no USB data connection available on the computer. This can happen e.g. if the computer is in standby/sleep mode.

Q: What does it mean if the AirBridge shows a red light?
A: If a constant red light is displayed, the AirBridge does not have any wireless connection with a SpeechMike Premium Air/SpeechOne.

Q: Can I use my SpeechOne remote control with the Philips AirBridge?
A: No, you can use the SpeechOne remote control only when it is connected to the SpeechOne docking station.

Q: How can I control the ‘Record’ function when I use my SpeechOne headset with the AirBridge?
A: When using a SpeechOne with a Philips AirBridge you can start and stop recording by pressing the scroll wheel Headset button.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Philips AirBridge or would like to speak to one of our experts, please get in touch.