Olympus Accessories

Olympus Accessories

As well as producing Digital Voice Recorders; Olympus produces a wide range of accessories to complement these and your workflow solution. Olympus accessories range from software and licenses to full secretarial transcription kits and many things in between.

Olympus builds it’s components to a very high standard which allows them to stand up to the rigours of office life and the Olympus accessories are no different. It is this high level of build quality and reliability that keeps consumers returning to Olympus products.



Olympus Accessories

The Olympus software and hardware has many accessories that are available to it if you want to enhance your current digital dictation setup or merely replace like for like in the unfortunate event that you require replacements.

Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

The Olympus As-7000 Transcription Kit is the secretary, or typists, portal into the world of Olympus digital dictation. This kit comes with E62 headphones, an RS31 footpedal, a license for the ODMS Transcription Module software and the Transcription Module software.

The Transcription Module software is the typist, or secretary’s, portal into the Olympus digital dictation world. The Transcription Software can mirror the setup of the Author’s software in appearance and setup by seeing all of his folders or if the secretary types for a particular department or Author then they can only have the relevant folders showing. The software allows the secretary to efficiently manage their workflow thanks to notifications that alert them to a new dictation being ready for typing and also a colour coding of urgent and standard dictations. Once typed the dictations are then stored in a “Finished” folder for pre-set amount of time before they are deleted.

Olympus Accessories


Olympus DM-650 Conference Kit

Olympus produce a conference recording kit for when you want to record larger numbers of people in one space. The conference kit includes, amongst other things, a DM-650 voice recorder, two Omni directional high quality microphones, 2 ball and socket tripod microphone stands and the Sonority software. (Full list below). All of this hardware also comes with an aluminium case to securely store and transport the conference kit.

This kit contains:

  •  Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
  •  Earphones
  •  Sonority
  •  KP22 USB cable
  •  Hand Strap
  •  CS131 Soft Case
  •  2 omni-directional high quality microphones
  •  2 tripods with ball-and-socket joints
  •  PA8 Y-Adapter
  •  Soft carrying case for ME-30W conference Microphone
  •  RS30W Remote Control
  •  A514 AC Adapter for USB
  •  Aluminum case for entire conference kit
  •  Instruction Manual

The Conference kit is the perfect companion to record board meetings or large gatherings. Everything that is needed is included within the aluminium carry case. The DM-650 is a stylish and robust voice recorder that has excellent sound recording and playback quality; along with a 46 hour battery life. The Omni-directional microphones can be set up with a range of 5 meters when plugging into the DM-650. All of this can be operated via the remote control that is included ensuring that you do not need to lean over colleagues or clients to record.

Olympus Accessories


Olympus Digital Voice Recorder Docks

Olympus produces two versions of dock for their digital voice recorders. There is the CR10 and the CR15. The CR10 docking station is compatible only with the DS5000 voice recorders. Whereas, the CR15 (pictured below) is compatible with both of the current generation of professional line digital voice recorders, the DS3500 and the DS7000.

The DS7000 has a CR15 bundled with it whereas the DS3500 comes as a handset only push button option. Therefore it charges via a USB cable. The docks allow for fast, easy transfer of dictations from your Digital Voice Recorder to your computer and also efficient charging. The Digital Voice Recorders will charge fully in around 3 hours when docked as opposed to the longer time it would take when charging solely via a USB cable. The CR10 docking station is only compatible with the previous generation DS5000 due to the different charging mechanisms which were fitted on the earlier model.


Olympus Accessories


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