The PowerMic Mobile Smartphone App

Smartphones – Let’s face it, who doesn’t have one these days?

The PowerMic Mobile is a smartphone app by Nuance that lends users the excellent flexibility and features of the PowerMic hand-held microphone to their phone.

Keeping costs down and accuracy up, PowerMic Mobile is a great tool to use alongside Dragon Medical One speech recognition solution without the additional cost of a headset or microphone.

The app effectively turns your smartphone into a secure, wireless microphone by putting the words you speak into your phone, onto your computer screen.

Why PowerMic Mobile?

Compatible with Android and iOS

Simply download from the Google or Apple app store for a simple and quick download.

Personalised programmable buttons

Dictation will be easier and faster thanks to the PowerMic Mobile app’s programmable on-screen buttons to control audio capture, navigate templates, and effortlessly move through clinical documents for review and editing.

Improved clinician mobility

Doctors can move around as needed in order to complete their work, be it to completely different surgeries as a Locum, a different hot-desk or on a patient visit.

Full security

The smartphone app functions with 256-bit encryption with end-to-end security over WiFi or cellular networks meaning all data captured within the app stays confidential.

PowerMic Mobile

Try it for yourself free for 7 days!

If you think that the PowerMic Mobile app would be the perfect companion for your medical speech recognition software then why not try it for yourself?

We’re able to offer a free 7-day trial so that you can test the quality and see how the application will fit into your workflow. Please contact us via the button below to get set up or ask us any questions you may have.

Please note: The PowerMic Mobile app is not a speech recognition app like Dragon Professional Anywhere, it is a means to capture audio that is then transcribed on your computer screen.