Alternatives to Winscribe Dictation

Although it was a great solution, Winscribe Dictation isn’t the only one out there. We’ve been supplying speech technologies for over 25 years so we know a thing or two. Here are the most popular alternatives that our ex-Winscribe clients have now swapped to:


Philips SpeechLive

SpeechLive links professionals with their secretaries/admin colleagues for quick and easy document creation. As a hybrid solution, users can access two sides of the software: classic dictation and transcription or speech recognition.


Users can enjoy secure cloud hosting, a mobile app, flexibility and intelligent user insights with SpeechLive.


Find out more about SpeechLive here.



Dragon Speech Recognition

Many of our clients are taking the Winscribe end-of-life announcement as a sign to take the leap to the more advanced and intelligent speech recognition software. Allowing for real-time dictation, Dragon boosts productivity by removing the need for transcription/typing by hand.


Users can dictate their document, check it over and send it in minutes without needing to send it here there and everywhere. We speak 3x faster than we can type so you can just imagine the time and cost savings to be had.


View our Dragon range.


Beale Law Swaps to SpeechLive

β€œIt was the easiest transition I have done in 20 years! It was very smooth with no issues at all really. Since using SpeechLive we have been able to reduce the amount of infrastructure needed and the associated cost that comes with that.”

Joe Coffey, Head of IT.


Read Beale Law’s full testimonial here.