Key Benefits

Programmable Buttons

The programmable buttons are a key feature that sets the Nuance PowerMic above other microphones. Set your PowerMic up exactly how you like it by customising your microphone to complete your preferred actions i.e. turning your microphone on and off, tabbing along fields, opening your favourite auto-text and much more.


An Outstanding Microphone for Outstanding Results

The Nuance PowerMic has a unidirectional microphone with noise-cancellation for higher accuracy in even the noisiest environments.


Handy Trigger Button

Furthering your user experience with the PowerMic is the trigger button. There is a button on the underneath side of the microphone that acts as a left mouse click – on the PowerMic 4 there are two trigger buttons!



Check out our guide to setting up your microphone quickly and easily with Dragon speech recognition.

Available Models

PowerMic 3 – £194 +VAT

This model is suitable for use with all Dragon versions.

PowerMic 4 – £225 +VAT

If you are using cloud versions of Dragon i.e. Dragon Medical One or Dragon Professional Anywhere then we recommend this model. It has improved microphone quality, an additional trigger button, and the option to be mounted for hands-free use.


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