Philips SpeechExec Pro Software – Version 11 Released!

The annual Philips Partner event took place at the end of January and we were delighted to attend.

We had a fabulous time catching up with our colleagues within the Philips team and other friends working within the speech technology sector.

Most importantly, with this event came some exciting news…

There is a new version of the SpeechExec software being released – TODAY!

SpeechExec Pro 11 is available from the 4th of February and here is all you need to know about the new release!

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Improvements and Benefits of SpeechExec Pro Software

  • The features and functionality are almost identical to version 10 so you can expect the same high-quality product.
  • The licence for SpeechExec will no longer be paid perpetually, instead, there will be a 2-year subscription fee.
  • Users will never have to upgrade again! – With the new subscription licencing, the software upgrades come included. Therefore, SpeechExec software will always be up to date and compatible with other computer applications.
  • Multi-computer functionality – SpeechExec software is no longer restricted to one computer. Philips have listened to the demand of their clients and ensured that the licence is applied to its user, not a single computer. This allows for much greater flexibility for SpeechExec Pro 11 users.
speechexec software

SpeechExec Pro Dictate End of Life

As a result of the release of SpeechExec Pro 11, SpeechExec Pro 10 will be end of life.

SpeechExec Pro 11 will be replacing 10.6.

There will be a grace period within which those that have purchased version 10.6 will be upgraded to version 11 free of charge.


If you’re interested in finding out more about SpeechExec version 11, we’d be happy to help.

We’re also able to offer product demonstrations and provide quotations.

Alternatively, keep up to date with new product launches just like this with our monthly bulletin.

February 4, 2020
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