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As an independent supplier of a range of digital dictation and workflow solutions, VoicePower is able to offer its clients a broad choice when it comes to system options. Philips, Olympus and the Winscribe digital dictation and workflow solution are those VoicePower supplies, implements and supports.

Digital dictation is ideal for anyone wishing to update old tape based systems and to eradicate the problems associated with these such as poor quality audio and the ineffective transfer, management and storage of dictation. It can just as easily be implemented where no former system exists, or as an accompaniment to speech recognition.

Whilst the combination of digital recorder and transcription kit with management software is clearly a requirement of business, VoicePower also offers note takers for personal dictation and conference equipment for meeting and interview recording.

I must say that I found the installation of the digital dictation systems to be more painless than I had anticipated. We are very pleased with the digital dictation. My secretary finds it much clearer than the old tapes and I find it to be much easier to keep track of dictation in process and my secretary’s workload.

Keith Hardington - (Partner) Walker Foster Solicitors

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Smart phone dictation

Apps which can be used on smartphones are popular with dictation users who need to be mobile.

Integration options

VoicePower's portfolio includes dictation solutions which can be integrated into your existing business systems.


Mobile (and PC) devices transfer audio files via secure built-in encryption.


Powerful reports and billing summaries are available straight from within the Winscribe digital dictation system. Take control of your transcription outputs and resource allocation.

Consultancy and Training

Correct configuration of your dictation system will ensure you get the maximum efficiency benefits from your dictation system.


You will become reliant upon digital dictation, we can help you to ensure you are always able to work.


Philips SpeechExec Enterprise

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Philips SpeechLive – Flexible cloud dictation solution

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Winscribe Dictation Cloud services SaaS

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Philips digital voice recorders and dictation software

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Winscribe digital dictation – Enterprise solution

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Olympus digital voice recorders and dictation software

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