NEW – Philips SpeechLive Update!

SpeechLive update

The popular cloud-based dictation platform has recently undergone a new update which is set to be launching this month (June 2021).

Whether you’re an existing user or you’d like to learn more about the Philips SpeechLive platform, in this blog we will be outlining all of the new features and how they will be beneficial to its users.

The SpeechLive update will take place automatically for existing users, however, if you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch.

What to expect in this SpeechLive update

We’d like to kick it off with a feature that will be extremely beneficial for businesses: Multi-factor authentication (MFA). What does this mean? Well, it is a means of adding an extra layer of security when logging into your SpeechLive account. MFA will populate a unique password on a different device to allow the user to authorize themselves. This is a great feature that is spreading across many different forms of technology and ultimately ensures your data (and your clients data!) is fully secure.

New real-time speech recognition!

Philips is introducing a new desktop app for SpeechLive which will include new speech-to-text functionality. Customers can use speech recognition freely in any third-party application with a text field, i.e. Microsoft
Office, Outlook, CRMs etc. Users simply click into any text field, dictate, and SpeechLive turns their voice into text onscreen. This option will be available to all Advanced Business Package users. Small Business Package users must upgrade to ABP first before being able to purchase this additional add on.

Improved SpeechLive smartphone app

As well as the app having been re-designed and easier to use, it also allows for the real-time speech recognition that we mentioned above and the automated speech recognition option too.

Increased flexibility with SpeechLive minutes

Philips is moving away from a “per minute” cost model for their speech recognition. Advanced Business Package subscribers now have the option to purchase an additional speech-to-text package and benefit from unlimited speech recognition (both real-time and automated).

Shortened trial period

After liaising with existing clients and prospects, Philips have received feedback that 14 days is the optimal time for users to familiarise themselves with the solution. Therefore, with this SpeechLive update the trial period will be reduced from 30 days to 14 days.

Increased speech recognition test minutes

Philips is doubling the free minute offering for users who want to try out speech recognition before committing to the new speech-to-text
package. The number of free minutes for Small Business Package users will now go up from 5 to 10 minutes per user per month, and Advanced Business Package users will now receive 20 minutes per user per month instead of 10 minutes.

See the SpeechLive mobile app in action in this short demo video…

If you’re completely new to SpeechLive but think it could improve your productivity then we’d be more than happy to provide a quote for you.

June 9, 2021
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