How To Tame A Dragon

Having a pet Dragon is a big responsibility.

At VoicePower we’re very lucky to have a number of different Dragons. Some are small and cute and others mighty and powerful.

Pet Dragons are amazing little helpers.

Some live in the clouds and others inside your computer.

All types of Dragons help you to type three times faster than you would do if you didn’t own a Dragon.

With a Dragon’s help, you can multitask and focus on important tasks – ultimately making you more productive.

I’m sure you’ve heard of dog therapy, well Dragons help your well-being too!

They’re very caring creatures and work tirelessly to ensure that you to go home on time, reduce stress and meet deadlines.

How to tame a dragon

Caring For A Dragon

Adopting a Dragon needs to be done with caution and care.

As you’d expect, Dragons can be mischievous.

They need training to ensure that they are well behaved.

When you tame your Dragon, it learns and doesn’t make the same mistakes again, therefore, like puppy training, it is well worth the initial investment of time. 

After all, you wouldn’t let your dog to wee in the house so why let your Dragon be disobedient?

Dragons are also sociable beings and like to play nicely with other software applications on your computer.

Although you need to know which applications it likes and doesn’t like prior to purchasing your Dragon otherwise they may fight and cause trouble!

How to tame a dragon

Don’t Take Your Dragon For Granted

It is really important to use your Dragon to its full capability.

Like a dog needs to be walked, a Dragon needs to be used- otherwise, they might get bored!

Without due care, attention and training, you may not reap the rewards of owning your Dragon. 

Remember Dragons are for life, not just for Christmas!

how to tame a dragon

You want to make the most out of having a Dragon, don’t you?

Well, we at VoicePower are certified in training Dragons by their creator, Nuance Communications.

We can tame them for you or we can teach you how to tame your Dragon yourself.

January 15, 2020
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How To Tame A Dragon