G-Cloud 12 Dragon: Procure Cloud Software Easily & Cost Effectively

63% of UK businesses today have a digital transformation strategy in place (Daisy Group).

The truth is technology is making it’s way into the professional setting whether you like it or not, from chatbots to automation and speech recognition.

Cloud software is no exception and that’s why we made the exciting decision to become a G-Cloud 12 dragon supplier some years back.

What on earth is that I hear you ask, let us explain a little…

g-cloud 12 dragon

G-Cloud is an established framework that has agreements with a large number of service providers and lists those services on a publicly accessible portal known as the Digital Marketplace.

The idea is that public Sector organisations can call off the services listed on the Digital Marketplace without needing to go through a full tender process.

You get all of the benefits of cloud software, without the draining process, expensive costs and strain on your IT and procurement departments.

Needless to say, that means there are a lot of hoops to jump through in order to feature on their list of suppliers.

However, after a lot of hard work, VoicePower Ltd has been approved and is now a G-Cloud 12 Dragon and Winscribe supplier!

We passed various security and compliance requirements to ensure that we’re equipped to provide the best service to you!

The G-Cloud compliance and eligibility is tested every year to ensure that those procuring via the framework are sure that the suppliers and solutions they are presented with have been pre-approved.

g-cloud 12 dragon

Our Solutions, Supported by G-Cloud

Even in the last few months, our range of cloud software solutions has grown.

Furthermore, we believe that this method of accessing software solutions via cloud hosting is extremely desirable for businesses, especially with the rise of remote working!

The versions of our solutions that are cloud-based and thus available to the public sector via the G-Cloud 12 framework are…

g-cloud 11 dragon

Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Professional Anywhere offers a lightweight versatile solution with heavyweight performance, providing the same 99% levels of speech recognition accuracy.

Hosted in the cloud and licenced via a subscription, this is a new way of accessing the technology.

The upfront subscription cost is calculated on the pay-monthly basis meaning the pricing is extremely competitive.

What’s more is that organisations wishing to purchase the speech recognition software will not have to meet specific IT requirements as is the case with previous versions of Dragon.

The cloud hosted incarnations of Dragon do not need such high resources as their desktop based counterparts.

G-Cloud 12 dragon

Dragon Medical One

Much like Dragon Professional Anywhere, Dragon Medical One users can also enjoy subscription licencing and cloud hosting.

However, Dragon Medical One has an in-built medical vocabulary and is compatible with clinical systems such as EMIS and TPP SystmOne.

With this software, clinicians can be in control of creating their patient’s documentation from referrals, to prescriptions, letters and updating their electronic patient record systems.

g-cloud 12 dragon

Winscribe Digital Dictation

Unlike the previous cloud solutions mentioned above, Winscribe is a digital dictation solution.

In layman’s terms, Winscribe allows the user to record their notes into their chosen microphone and send it to their typist or secretary, who will then type it up so that the document is complete.

Winscribe is ‘manufacturer agnostic’ and therefore it is likely that existing dictation hardware will be compatible. There is also a smartphone App so dictation can be created on the move and sent to secretaries from anywhere.

This is a really handy tool for legal professionals, healthcare staff and many many more and what’s even better, Winscribe has a cloud hosted version!

Yep, that means that you can purchase Winscribe through the G-Cloud 12 framework via VoicePower too.

So if you’re looking to explore cloud services and speech technology, we’d love to help.

As a Nuance Premier Partner, we’re there every step of the way, from consultation to set-up and installation to training and technical support – We’re here to ensure the best possible results.

October 12, 2020
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