Free Secure Email Service for VoicePower Clients!

We have teamed up with software provider and mail solutions guru Frama to give something back to our lovely clients.

A little something for you with no charges, no ‘trial’, no time limits and no obligations.

We’re gifting you the complete Frama RMail Free Secure Email service.

Great! But ‘what is it?’ I hear you ask!

Free Secure Email

What is RMail?

Frama RMail is a powerful Outlook plugin. With this Free Secure Email service businesses can automate document signing processes, encrypt their email and comply with data security whilst communicating over email.

Data is more important than ever, and so whether you’re emailing clients, colleagues or prospects, RMail helps you to remain secure and within the law whilst doing so.

More specifically, Frama RMail:

  • Allows your confidential emails to be sent encrypted – with no requirements on the recipient’s end.
  • Sends e-mails as registered – Sending you back proof of content, delivery, email analytics and legal proof of compliance.
  • Allows you to attach ANY document for e-signature (within Outlook). Thus allowing your clients to sign documents on any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Large file transfer – Send any files up to 1GB in size directly from Outlook with nothing required on the recipient’s end.

What are the benefits of RMail?


As a company that works closely with the legal sector, the NHS and healthcare sector alike, our clients hold confidentiality as paramount within their service. With RMail, users will not have the concern of data breaches or the leak of the clients or their own confidential data.

Digital Automation

Accelerate your document signing processes, whilst reducing postage costs, and eliminating the need to send documents in the post, waiting for clients to print, sign, scan and email documents back.


First impressions count, and actually, so do second, third and fourth impressions – especially when it comes to business. Every bit of communication you have with patients, clients, and prospects is important.

Frama RMail allows for a professional email manner and ensures that you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about the finer details.

Simplicity and ease

Making technicalities easy for your clients will only improve your service. Whether you need to send over some confidential documents or you require their signature, RMail facilities this.

Avoid the inconvenience of asking a client to come into the office to sign a document. Simply send it over RMail, allowing them to do it from the comfort of their own home.

Expert support

Furthermore to this excellent solution, VoicePower clients will also receive the expert initial setup training and guidance from the Frama team.

This is a first-class experience, with which you will be set up with the software and trained on its operation and features – Yes, still for FREE!

Every license provided will provide 5 free RMail’s per user, per month.

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Are you interested?

If this sounds like something that would improve your business, then please get in touch.

Simply let us know that you’re interested in our RMail Free Secure Email offer and we will introduce you to the experts themselves.

As our valued clients, we are very excited to be able to offer you this as a gift for your custom.

We hope that this secure email service (combined with your speech technology solution) will contribute to your business and it’s a development towards a more productive, efficient contemporary business.

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June 27, 2019
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