Dragon Medical Discount for 1 Month Only!

Are you interested in Nuance’s Dragon Medical speech recognition and would like to save some money? (Because let’s face it, who doesn’t?)

Then today is your lucky day!

With our new Dragon Medical discount, we’re offering FREE maintenance for the first year to GP practices that purchase new licences of Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Totalling a cost saving of up to £180 per licence!

What is Dragon Medical?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a speech recognition tool.

It is designed specifically for healthcare environments and its purpose is to help doctors, pathologists, vets and many other professionals to manage their workflows.

This version is different from others as it had an inbuilt medical vocabulary and is compatible with multiple EPR systems including EMIS and SystmOne.

Whether it be sending emails, updating patient records or composing referrals, Dragon can make these tasks simpler and quicker!

dragon medical discount

What is Dragon Medical Maintenance?

Maintenance is a mandatory add-on when you purchase specific versions of Dragon speech recognition.

In short, it entitles you to updates, upgrades and fixes from the manufacturer: Nuance Communication.

As mentioned above, this is compulsory, if you don’t purchase the maintenance then you cannot purchase Dragon itself.

Furthermore, this price is paid per user. So if you brought three Dragon licences you could pay up to £540.

Keep Costs Down

So, if you’re a GP practice and you’re interested in deploying speech recognition or adding more licences to existing users then we’ve got you covered!

Speech recognition is an excellent tool to help your practice to:

  • Reduce turnaround times.
  • Improve patient experience.
  • Reduce the workload and stress on your doctors.
  • Finally, you can go home on time!

When combined with our consultation, Dragon training and technical support Dragon is taking the healthcare sector by storm, saving professionals up to 1 hour every day!

dragon medical discount

If you’re interested in redeeming this offer then please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to talk you through the discount and send quotations.

Alternatively, keep in the loop with other offers like this dragon medical discount by opting in to our monthly bulletin.

February 14, 2020
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