Dictation System Speeds Up Documentation at Lunson Mitchenall


  • Formed in 1980.
  • Based in London.
  • Specialise on the leasing and transactional aspects of retail and leisure property across the UK.


  • Users were restricted to working at their desks.
  • The dictaphones were old and didn’t work seamlessly.


  • Reporting can be done from anywhere, not just the office.
  • The process for writing emails and reports is much quicker and more efficient.
  • The new solution, Winscribe dictation system, is straightforward and easy to use.
dictation system

Lunson Mitchenall’s speciality is in retail and leisure property.

They pride themselves on having an unparalleled knowledge both across the retail and leisure spectrum combined with strong relationships with landlords, tenants and investors.

Calling In The VoicePower Team

The team at Lunson Mitchenall were previously using static voice recorders – meaning they had to be connected to the computer and thus could only be used in the office.

“Some of the Dictaphones were quite old and did not always work seamlessly.”

Chris Watt – Surveyor

It was these issues that led Lunson Mitchenall to seek the help of digital dictation experts: VoicePower Ltd.

“We already used VoicePower as support, we’d always had a good relationship and very few problems with the support so it was a simple decision to approach them to resolve the issues.”

Neil Hockin – Director
dictation system

Winscribe Saves The Day

It was from this point that VoicePower began to assess Lunson Mitchenall’s workflow.

Taking into account their needs as a business, their day-to-day tasks and what they’d like to achieve, the dictation specialists recommended Winscribe dictation system.

Winscribe digital dictation is an enterprise workflow management system by Nuance Communications.

It assists organisations in managing their dictation, transcription and documentation processes.

Chris explained that the Winscribe dictation system was a perfect fit because “we needed a solution that would work seamlessly with iPhones.”

The users at the firm use it mainly for emails and reports that need to be written up.

“The new system has made this process quicker and allowed it to be done from anywhere and not just the office.”

Chris Watt – Surveyor

Expert Support

The VoicePower technical support team were there with Lunson Mitchenall every step of the way.

“The transition period was very straightforward and did not impact on the working of users.”

Chris Watt – Surveyor

From installation, set up and training to technical support and aftercare, VoicePower does it all.

Not only to minimise the impact on the staff but to ensure a successful swap out and a to maximise the return of investment for Lunson Mitchenall.

“The technical services have been very helpful and easy to use. Over a number of years we have built a strong relationship with Liam and the VoicePower team. They take the time to understand our business needs and have produced a solution that has improved efficiency and allowed us to work more flexibly

Neil Hockin – Director
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